Hello, Gematrinators!

Trump Speaks Over Phone at Pennsylvania Case

Rudy Giuliani speaks in Gettysburg on voter fraud allegations

Trump made his remarks today regarding the election fraud case in Pennsylvania.

"Pennsylvania" = 1406 (Jewish)

Today is Donald Trump’s 1406th day in office:

Recall how Trump was declared the loser 1460 days after he won the last election and 146 days after his 14/6 birthday.

"Donald John Trump" = 76 (Reverse Reduction)

Today has Primary numerology of 76:(11) + (25) + (20) + (20) = 76

Trump’s June 14th is also Flag Day. The United States was founded in 1776.

"Gettysburg, Pennsylvania" = 1776 (English Sumerian)

The flag was adopted in the following year, 1777. The number 1777 is the 275th Prime number.

"Rudolph William Louis Giuliani" = 2075 (Jewish)

Trump is President #45.

Gettysburg and Seventy-six = 45 and 54, Forty-five = 54 and 54.

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