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Wisconsin Congressman Bryan Steil Gets Covid

Wisconsin Congressman Bryan Steil tests positive for COVID-19

Steil has Corona.

Steil and Corona both = 224 Jewish

The name Bryan Steil has the same gematria as the state he represents, Wisconsin.

Bryan Steil and Wisconsin both = 125 and 44

The number 44 stands out. “Kill” = 44. Steil’s diagnosis was on the anniversary of the assassination of JFK, who won the 44th Presidential election.

"JFK" = 616 (Jewish)"Congressman Bryan George Steil" = 616 (Franc Baconis)

JFK was killed in the year 63.

His diagnosis fell on the 63,000th day since Wisconsin became a state:

With number Reduction, Covid-19 sums to 63.

"Covid 19" = 63 (English Ordinal)

Steil represents Wisconsin’s First District.

First = 63 and 72

72 is the Ordinal value of Covid-19 with “Full” number calculation.

Covid-19 = 72 and 101

His diagnosis fell 101 days before his birthday:101 Days

Notice he was born on 3/03, ideal for Wisconsin’s First District.

"Wisconsin's First District" = 303 (Reverse Ordinal)

33 is said to be the highest degree of Masonry.

Masonry and Corona both = 33

33 is 11+11+11

Eleven plus eleven plus eleven, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and First Congressional District all = 325 Ordinal

November 22nd was 325 days after the anniversary of his first day in office:

If you instead multiply 11×11×11, you get 1331, which is a key number for the virus psy-op.

Congressman Bryan George Steil

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