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Name of Eddie Hassell Killer Released

Man, 18, arrested in slaying of actor Eddie Hassell in Texas

My first post on this story

The man’s name is D’Jon Antone, which has matching Reverse gematria with Ed Hassell.

"D'Jon Antone" = 1580 (Squares)

D'Jon Antone and Ed Hassell both = 158 and 50 Reverse

Recall, Ed Hassell, who lived in Waco, was 1580 weeks old and died 10058 days after the Waco siege. The actor who played Eddie Haskell was born on the 158th day of the year.

The last name Antone has 69 Ordinal gematria, matching Edward Clark Haskell.

"Antone" = 69 (English Ordinal)

Edward Clark Haskell = 69, 168, 318, and 93

Eddie Hassell died a span of 168 days after the man who played Eddie Haskell, at the age of 30 years, 108 days old, on the date 11/1, the same date Eddie Haskell debuted on Leave it to Beaver.

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