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Grace College Student Dies After Covid-19 Diagnosis

College student found dead in her dorm after testing positive for coronavirus

Bethany Nesbitt allegedly died from coronavirus in Winona Lake, IN.

Bethany Nesbitt = 56, Coronavirus = 56 and 70, Winona Lake, IN = 56 and 70

Winona rhymes with Corona. Notice how her first name matches corona and her last name matches virus.

The coroner has since stated that her death was caused by an undetected health condition that resulted in a pulmonary embolus.

Pulmonary embolus and Wuhan coronavirus both = 222 and 210

Connection to Governor

Bethany was found dead at Grace College in Indiana on October 30th, the 304th day of the year:

"Grace" = 34 (English Ordinal)

"Indiana" = 34 (Full Reduction)

"Murder" = 34 (Full Reduction)

The 34th Prime number is 139. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb had been in office for exactly 1390 days:1390 Days

October 30th is written 10/30 or 30/10.

Eric Holcomb = 103 Ordinal and 310 Extended

Governor Eric Holcomb took office on 1/09/2017.

Governor Eric Holcomb = 109 and 217

Holcomb was born in the year 68.

"Holcomb" = 68 (English Ordinal)

Lambda115 just posted a great video on the Greek Isopsephy values of Kamala Harris. The name Harris comes from the Greek word for “grace.” I noted that Kamala Harris is running for Vice President, whereas Indiana, the state Grace College is in, is the state the current Vice President, Mike Pence is from.

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