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Bruce Springsteen Talks About Trump Again

Bruce Springsteen says he’ll be 'on the next plane' to Australia if Trump wins reelection

Today is the 290th day of the year, leaving 76 on the calendar:

"Bruce" = 290 (Jewish)

"Donald John Trump" = 76 (Reverse Reduction)

Bruce, who was born in ’49, is exactly 49 weeks before his birthday:

"Bruce" = 49 (English Ordinal)

"Donald J. Trump" = 49 (Full Reduction)

Notice the phrase on the next plane in quotes. This has matching gematria with both Donald Trump and Springsteen.

On the next plane = 1038 Sumerian, Donald Trump = 138 Ordinal, Springsteen = 61 Reverse Reduction

Back in 2018, I made this post about the numerology of a news story where Bruce Springsteen predicts Trump will win in 2020. (Editor’s note: Wow, that’s a really good post)

The primary thread in that post was 113. “Election Day” = 113 and it falls on 11/3 this year. Springsteen, who is 3 years, 101 days younger than Trump, made the news 10 months, 13 days into Trump’s term, and 111 weeks, 3 days before Inauguration Day.

This second story was published 1 year, 10 months, 13 days after the first one:

Hilariously, Bruce says he would move to Australia. Seriously, Australia?! The nation with the most Draconian lockdown measures in the entire world?

Today is a span of 3 months, 11 days before Australia Day:

The Boss was born 101 days after Trump‘s birthday.

The Boss = 101, 25, and 88, Trump = 25 and 88

Trump was born on 14/6 and is currently 74 years old.

Springsteen = 146 Ordinal and 74 Single Reduction

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