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Amy Schumer Says She Has Lyme Disease

Amy Schumer reveals she has Lyme disease

Today is 3 months, 9 days after Schumer’s 39th birthday:

"Schumer" = 39 (Reverse Reduction)

Amy Schumer matches Lyme disease in Reduction.

Amy Schumer and Lyme disease both = 45 in Reduction

Back on January 8th, I made this blog post, explaining the riddle in the story that Justin Bieber said he also had Lyme disease.

Justin Bieber reveals he's battling Lyme disease

Notice how the word reveal is used in both headlines. As I mentioned in my January post linked above, lyme disease sums to 999, similar to the word reveal, which equals 99. Today is 9/9.

"Lyme disease" = 999 (English Extended)

"Reveal" = 99 (Reverse Ordinal)

Again, this is a riddle related to the mathematics of the circle.

Mathematics of the circle = 99 Reduction and 666 Jewish

Justin Bieber was born during the first day of Schumer’s 666th week since birth. 665+1 = 666.

Justin Bieber is currently in his 9690th day since birth:

Notice how well the gematria of the number 16 ties in. Not only is Bieber 9690 days old, but today is 96 days before this year’s total eclipse. The 39 goes with Schumer’s name and age, as shown above.

Sixteen = 969 Extended, 96 Ordinal, and 39 Reverse Reduction

Amy Schumer was born on June 1st, or 1/6
The 16th Prime number is 53

"Justin Bieber" = 53 (Full Reduction)

"Lyme" = 53 (Reverse Ordinal)

With the S Exception, mathematics of the circle sums to 108.

"Mathematics of the circle" = 108 (Single Reduction)

"Lyme disease" = 180 (Reverse Ordinal)

Amy Schumer was born in ’81

Today is 8 month, 1 day since the story about Bieber, which was published on 1/08:

81 is 9×9
Today’s news falls on 9/9
The only number to sum to 99 in Ordinal is 13

Lyme disease = 117 and 45, Thirteen = 117, 45, and 99

Bieber was born on March 1st, or 1/3
He was discovered at age 13
The 13th prime number is 41

Bieber = 103 Jewish and 41 Ordinal

Bieber’s birth numerology is 117:(3) + (1) + (19) + (94) = 117

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