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L. Ron & Zach Hubbard, The Number 23, and Me

L Ron Hubbard
GematriaEffect.news (Run by Zachary K. Hubbard)

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, a man who shortened one of his names to an initial, sought to help humanity through a better scientific understanding of the brain by giving lectures and writing books:

Zachary Keefe Hubbard, another man who shortened one of his names to an initial, seeks to help humanity through a better mathematical understanding of our language by making YouTube videos and writing books:Zach Hubbard was born at 19:19 on July 21, 1983

Zach’s July 21st, 1983 date of birth was the coldest day ever recorded. The temperature was 89°C.

Zachary Keefe Hubbard and Lafayette Ronald Hubbard both = 89

Zachary K. Hubbard was born 2 years, 6 months, 3 days before L. Ron Hubbard died:

263 is the 56th Prime number

"Hubbard" = 56 (English Ordinal)

L. Ron died at the age of 74
Zach teaches Simple English Gematria

In Ordinal, Simple = 74, English = 74, Gematria = 74

Zachary K. Hubbard was born 130 days after L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday:

Zachary K. Hubbard was born on a date with Primary numerology of 130:(7) + (21) + (19) + (83) = 130

"Zachary K Hubbard" = 1300 (Jewish)

Zach’s 7/21 birthday falls 7 months, 21 days before L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday:

Notice how Zach mentioned that his name has 19 letters, and he was born at 19:19. The name L. Ron sums to 190.

"L. Ron" = 190 (Jewish)

1919 also happens to be the gematria of 1331 in this same cipher, a number which most of my work is centered around. The first section of this post points out the remarkable numerology of the total and annular solar eclipse of 1919.

The Number 23

In the film The Number 23, Jim Carrey teaches Simple English Gematria. When you write out Jim Carrey’s real name with just his middle initial (as Zach prefers), you get matching Jewish gematria.

In Jewish gematria, James E. Carrey and Zachary K. Hubbard both = 1300.

The 13th Fibonacci number is 233

"Gematria" = 233 (Jewish)

The Number 23 was released when Zach was 23 years old. Both L. Ron and Zachary K. Hubbard have matching 23 English gematria.

IN English Extended, L. Ron = 230 and Zachary K. Hubbard = 2030

I was born on a date with 23 numerology, and my full name sums to 203 in Ordinal:6 + 4 + 8+5 = 23

"Derek Michael J. Tikkuri" = 203 (English Ordinal)

Jim Carrey was 23 years old when I was born. Zach’s only birthday at that point had occurred on the 203rd day of a leap year:

"Zach Hubbard" = 203 (Reverse Ordinal)

My parents’ anniversary is June 11th, the date leaving 203 days in the year:

My work focuses on total solar eclipses. I was born exactly 23 weeks before the nearest total solar eclipse:

Jim Carrey’s full name even has matching 95 Reduction gematria with mine, a number I also have in my birth numerology:(6) + (4) + (85) = 95

James Eugene Carrey = 95 Reverse Reduction, Derek Michael J. Tikkuri = 95 Reduction

Dan Behrendt is another brilliant mind who focuses on organic numerology, and was the only other gematria channel I liked before I started making my own videos.

"Dan Behrendt" = 95 (English Ordinal)

For good measure, I was born a span of exactly 1220 weeks after Jim Carrey:

"Derek Michael J Tikkuri" = 122 (Full Reduction KV)

Of course Jim Carrey would be connected to the Gematrinator.

Jim Carrey = 141 Reverse, Gematrinator = 141 Ordinal

It makes sense this syncs up in Reverse gematria, since my initial studies showed me it was probably relevant. Zach later confirmed this suspicion, and we’ve been more enlightened ever since.

Derek Michael J Tikkuri and Reverse gematria = 1198

In Reverse gematria, my full name sums to 337.

"Derek Michael J Tikkuri" = 337 (Reverse Ordinal)

337 is the 68th Prime number

"Zachary K. Hubbard" = 68 (Full Reduction)

I was born in ’85. Zach was born in ’83.

In Reverse Reduction, Zachary K. Hubbard = 85, Derek Tikkuri = 83

Zach even launched an awareness campaign called What is 47?

47 is a lot of things…one of which being the number of days between our birthdays:

You can also Learn Gematria from Derek Tikkuri.

Learn Gematria = 61 and 83, Derek Tikkuri = 61 and 83, Gematria = 142

"Gematria" = 142 (Reverse Ordinal)

Gematria is made up of numbers and letters. My name is made up of Derek and Tikkuri.

Numbers and Derek both = 29, 43, and 92. Tikkuri and Letters both = 99, 90, and 36

On the date I was born, the Sun reached 74° of the ecliptic, while Saturn sat at 233°.

Gematria = 74 Ordinal and 233 Jewish

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