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In a Just World…

Imagine, for a minute, that you woke up today in a fair world. One where true justice reigns supreme. One where good deeds are rewarded, and evil actions are punished.

Imagine that in this world, no one has the energy to lie to you. Everybody else is too focused on improving their own lives, and the lives of those around them, to waste their time making things up in hopes of you getting angry. They would rather you know the truth about everything, so that you too are enabled to bolster your financial, family, and personal happiness.

Occasionally in this world, someone tries to get ahead. They devise a scheme and abandon honesty in favor of greed, inconsiderate of the consequences on their neighbor. However, you almost never hear about these people. Those types of weasels are rooted out quickly and efficiently by a society with no patience for deception.

In this desirable world, no one claims to have ultimate authority. This does not mean the community fails to take authoritative actions – quite the opposite, as the lack of a central judicial figure empowers the citizenry to act upon its natural ability to recognize veiled threats.

In a world like this, the current iteration of “mainstream media” would never have a chance to thrive. People here break out in laughter at the idea that billionaires would offer up millions of their own dollars to establish honest news organizations. The only ones to be trusted are ones who are personally known, and have proven they seek only honest gains.

In this world, an organization like CNN, MSNBC, or FOX News would be targeted and abolished without hesitation. The threat they pose to the public through their grotesque provocations would be identified, called out, and removed before Anderson Cooper could even finish reading “Good evening” from the first line of his teleprompter.

The citizens would freely assemble to accomplish this, because they would not only ignore the invisible threat of a virus, but they would be free of distractions from the worst parts of technology. Having been raised by loving parents and family, and not a television, a strong alignment exists between actions and goals. Fear of repercussion in seeking justice would be absent through an understanding that the Creator smiles upon acts that restore balance to the collective condition.

This ideal world can still be manifested. It can still happen. Time is running out – those with the most power in our contemporary age are very cognizant of the fact that fewer people believe in that power every single day. And without that belief, the power does not exist. Thus, they have launched a full-blown campaign in an attempt to have us submit to their authority, all while hoping we do not discover the truth about who – or what – we really are.

On Earth, every person deserves an equal voice. Each of us is birthed from the spiritual realm, all with a connection to the original source of life. All that exists must remain bound together as it once was and will forever remain to be. Thus, the time where only the voices of the wealthiest 0.001% are being heard needs to end. Those sorcerers have exposed themselves as indifferent to the condition of humanity, in fact seeking to worsen it at every opportunity, and at all costs. They won’t be coming around, they won’t be changing their tune. They are all-in on what they want us to believe.

What are we willing to give up in order to build a world we would actually want to raise a family in? Our next meal? Our jobs? Our homes? Our lives?

With the elites’ agenda accelerating to a head in light of Agenda 2030, that decision cannot wait much longer. This next decade will decide the fate of humanity. Will we give in to fear and allow our central authority figures to determine our future? Or will we use the power so few of us still have in order to bring justice and balance back to Earth?

Because of what the New World Order has accomplished in 2020, tears have already been shed. We have sweat in anticipation of their next move. But how much blood will be spilled, and whose will stain the pavement?

Fanning the flames of racial division poses an unnecessary threat to the safety and security of the citizenry. Remember – these are acts of treason. Treason is punishable by death.

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