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Train Derailment Near Tempe, Arizona

Arizona train derailment and fire described as 'a scene from hell'

This crash near Arizona State in Tempe was on a date with Primary numerology of 76:(7) + (29) + (20) + (20) = 76

"Arizona State" = 76 (Reverse Reduction)

"Tempe" = 76 (Reverse Ordinal)

Mercury is the god of travelers, relevant here with a train crashing in Tempe, AZ.

Mercury and Tempe, AZ both = 103 and 86

Train crash has gematria of 666.

"Train crash" = 666 (English Sumerian)

666 = 234 + 432

"Tempe" = 234 (Satanic)

The governor of Arizona is Doug Ducey, who is in his 234th Mercurial year.

"Douglas Anthony Ducey" = 234 (English Ordinal)

Tomorrow will be Ducey’s 2034th day in office:

7/30 is how that date tomorrow is written. 73 is the gematria of “a scene from hell“, the quote used to describe this train derailment.

A scene from hell and Train derailment both = 73 and 242

This train crashed in Tempe 3 months, 20 days after Governor Ducey’s birthday:

Tempe = 320 Extended and 200 Jewish

July 29th falls 200 days before Arizona’s date of admission to the Union:

Train crash also sums to 57 and 111.

Train crash = 57 and 111

Ducey is 111 days into his 57th year since birth:

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is 20566 days old:

"Arizona Governor Doug Ducey" = 2566 (Jewish)

Doug Ducey was sworn in as the Governor of Arizona on 1/5/15.

"Doug Ducey" = 105 (English Ordinal)

"Arizona" = 105 (Reverse Ordinal)

The crash in Tempe Town Lake fell 160 days before January 5th:

"Tempe Town Lake" = 160 (English Ordinal)

The Mayor of Phoenix is Kate Gallego, who has been in office for 16 months, 8 days (or a span of 1 year, 4 months, 9 days):

Mayor Kate Gallego = 168 and Arizona State = 149 Ordinal

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