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Orlando Bloom’s Dog Dies in Another Sirius Ritual

Orlando Bloom says his missing dog, Mighty, is dead and reveals a tribute tattoo

Yesterday, I made this post and a subsequent video for the death of Stanley Robinson, revealing how his death was a riddle related to Sirius, the Dog Star, and its heliacal rising, which is honored on July 23rd every year by Freemasonry.

Robinson’s death made headlines on July 23rd, or 23/7. The day before, Orlando Bloom was in the media because he got a tattoo in memory of his dog Mighty, a labradoodle.

"Labradoodle" = 237 (Jewish)

"Orlando Bloom and Mighty" = 237 (English Ordinal)

Stanley Robinson died in his birthplace of Birmingham, AL.

"Birmingham, AL" = 237 (Jewish)

Robinson was selected by the Orlando Magic in the 2010 NBA Draft. This news story is about Orlando Bloom.

Sticks was the nickname of Stanley Robinson, whose death was also related to Pluto, which has a Moon named Styx, similar to the Styx River that separates Earth from the underworld in Greek mythology. Pluto is the god of the underworld.

Of course, Pluto is the name of the famous Disney dog:

Pluto made his first appearance in a Disney cartoon in 1930 – the same year the planet Pluto was discovered.

Orlando Bloom’s dog, Mighty, has a similar color:

The planet Pluto was discovered on February 18th, written 2/18:

"Orlando Bloom & Mighty" = 218 (English Ordinal)

The Hebrew word for Moon sums to 218.

Moon = 218 in Hebrew

Not only does Bloom kind of sound like Moon, but they have the same gematria too.

Bloom and Moon both = 57 and 21

"Pluto" = 21 (Full Reduction)

Pluto has Jewish gematria of 430.

"Pluto" = 430 (Jewish)

The 43rd Prime number is 191

On the date of this news story, Orlando Bloom was 43 years, 191 days old:

191 days is also 6 months, 9 days. The date Pluto was discovered had Primary numerology of 69, just like the date of this week’s news story:(2) + (18) + (19) + (30) = 69 and (7) + (22) + (20) + (20) = 69

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