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The Donald Trump Air Force One Plane Crash Theory

Donald Trump is President #45.

Golden Gate = 45 in both Reduction methods

Donald Trump sums to 589 in Jewish, which matches the Hebrew value for The Golden Gate.

"Donald Trump" = 589 (Jewish)

Golden Gate = 589 in Hebrew

Donald Trump was 55 years, 89 days old on the date of the 9/11 attacks:

"Donald" = 119 (Jewish)

The 9/11 attacks saw the destruction of the Twin Towers with Mars in the Golden Gate while the Moon sat in the Silver Gate between Jupiter and Saturn., symbolic of the destruction of the Two Temples, which is observed during the Jewish holiday of Tisha B’Av each year.

"Tisha B'Av" = 911 (Jewish)

Donald John Trump , World Trade Center, and Solomon's Temple all = 185

The temples are called Solomon’s Temple and the Second Temple, also known as Herod’s Temple. Eventually, they hope a Third Temple is built.

Solomon's Temple, Second Temple, Herod's Temple, and Third Temple all = 58 in Reduction

Donald John Trump won the 58th Presidential election 58 years after ’58, and was sworn into office on (1)+(20)+(20)+(17) = 58.

"Donald John Trump" = 580 (Primes)

Trump became the first president to visit the site of Solomon’s Temple in May of 2017. The eastern gate of the Temple Mount is called the Golden Gate. Trump visited the Western Wall.

The 9/11 attacks were carried out by airplanes. Rambo has done a wonderful job piecing the puzzle together in regards to why modes of transportation are so prevalent in major ritualistic deaths.

Trump was born in New York City. The only two times an airplane struck a skyscraper in NYC prior to 9/11 both occurred less than one year before he was born. See this post for a killer breakdown of how they were both connected to 9/11 and the birth of Donald Trump. One of the buildings struck is even currently owned by Trump.

You’ll notice how the number 25 is the primary number driving those alignments. “Plane crash” = 97 (Ordinal), the 25th prime number, and “Trump” = 25 (Reduction).

The current airplane model serving as Air Force One is the Boeing VC-25.

"Boeing VC-25" = 823 (Jewish)

The plane was introduced in 1990 on the date on August 23rd, written 8/23. That’s right at the beginning of Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury, the god of transportation. Trump is a Gemini (just like his “twin” Boris Johnson), which is the other sign ruled by Mercury. His VP Mike Pence is another Gemini.

That introduction date falls 10,895 days (or 29 years, 303 days) before June 20th, the date I’ve been excessively talking about for over a week:

Thirty-three & Ritual human sacrifice both = 895 in Jewish gematria

Furthermore, the aircraft’s first flight was in 1987, 33 years before 2020. That date was May 16th, written 16/5. Trump was born on the 165th day of the year and “Donald John Trump” = 977 (Extended), the 165th Prime number.

Trump is President #45. I recently discovered a potentially-significant eclipse cycle that lasts 405 lunar phases. That post even talks about a plane crash on the 405 from 2017 that appears to be related to June 20th.

405 lunar phases is exactly 11960 days. 1196 days before June 20th “Snoop Doggy Dogg” = 1196 (Extended) released a song called Lavender, which sums to 45, when he was 45 years old. The video features a mock assassination of Trump.

There was a span of 1196 days between the VC-25’s first flight and introduction:

1196 days thus equates to 40.5 moons.

Caroline Kennedy

The name Caroline Kennedy has gematria of 250, to go along with the big 25 riddle linked above.

"Caroline Kennedy" = 250 (Reverse Ordinal)

Something I’ve pointed out several times now is that this year, 21/6 falls 1321 days after the 2016 election, and 1321 is the 216th Prime number. JFK, another Gemini, would be 103 years, 21 days old on June 19th, the original date of Trump’s Tulsa rally.

216 is 6×6×6, and 21/6 is exactly 20,666 days after the JFK assassination. So how interesting is it that Caroline Kennedy, the only surviving child of JFK, was elected to the board of directors for Boeing, who constructed the VC-25, back in 2017?

Caroline Kennedy’s election fell 19620 days after the assassination of JFK:

The original Air Force One, which Lyndon B. Johnson (a Virgo) was sworn in on, had its first flight in the year 1962. The date of that flight was August 10th, the same date Caroline Kennedy was elected in 2017.

The two events are separated by exactly 55 years:

The election was on a date with Primary numerology of 55:(8) + (10) + (20) + (17) = 55

The first flight of the original Air Force One was 3019 weeks before June 20th:

"Assassination of Donald Trump" = 319 (English Ordinal)

Interesting this is also 240.240 Mercurial years. June 20th falls just shy of 124 Mercurial years since the VC-25’s first flight. There’s more to unravel here.

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley served as Trump’s first Ambassador to the United Nations until the end of 2018. After she left the position, she too became a member of Boeing’s board of directors.

Haley’s nomination for the board fell exactly 911 weeks after the 9/11 attacks:

She was selected as a board member on April 29th, the 119th day of the year:

She stepped down from her role on the board 10 months, 19 days after her selection:

Notice her last date on the job – March 19th, or 3/19, matching the last number mentioned in the Caroline Kennedy section. March 19th was also 55 weeks after her nomination.

That nomination was also 68 weeks (or 480 days) before June 20th:

Donald John Trump = 68 and Donald Trump = 48

Her last day on the job was on (3)+(19)+(20)+(20) = 62, similar to the date 6/20/20. Her nomination was on 2/26.

"Air Force One" = 329 (Jewish)

"Assassination of Donald J. Trump" = 329 (English Ordinal)"Ritual human sacrifice" = 329 (Reverse Ordinal)

To me, the plane crash theory doesn’t really work. How does the most carefully-monitored aircraft in the world go down? With thousands upon thousands of flights every day in the U.S. with no commercial crashes for almost 19 years, it seems completely unbelievable that Air Force One would be the one to go down due to some sort of error.

Being shot down doesn’t make much sense either. How could enemy aircraft get anywhere near the plane? Should we believe that some random citizen on the ground has an anti-aircraft RPG?

I’d really be surprised if this is what they go with (assuming they go with anything at all). Its just interesting to see how many things point to June 20th so cleanly.

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