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Terminator Actor Robert Patrick Weighs in on Protests

Robert Patrick denounces 'angry mobs' who are destroying people's businesses

The media has decided to publish a story about actor Robert Patrick‘s take on those who are looting during the George Floyd protests.

Why would the mainstream bring even more attention to this man’s tweet? Although recognizable to some, he’s not a very popular actor. Perhaps the numbers will tell us more.

"Robert Hammond Patrick Jr." = 1423 (Jewish)

1423 is the 224th Prime number

"Robert Hammond Patrick" = 224 (English Ordinal)

George Floyd died 224 days after his birthday. Floyd was born 2020 days after the assassination of MLK Jr, who died 2 months, 20 days after his birthday, and then died on the date leaving 220 days in 2020, exactly 202 weeks before the 2024 total solar eclipse.

Robert Patrick was 202 days after his birthday when Floyd was killed:

The incident occurred on the 93rd parallel. Patrick has Primary birth numerology of 93:(11) + (5) + (19) + (58) = 93

In Reduction, Minneapolis, Minnesota = 93, Minneapolis = 55

Robert Patrick’s last birthday had Primary numerology of 55:(11) + (5) + (20) + (19) = 55

55 is 5×11
Minnesota became a state on 5/11/1858
Robert Patrick was born on 11/5/1958

"Robert Patrick" = 580 (Jewish)

Patrick’s comments were published in the media a span of 158 days before his birthday:158 Days

"RobertPatrickT2" = 1058 (English Sumerian)

This post explores the myriad of 78 connections to this ritual. George Floyd, who was born on the date leaving 78 days in the year, was friends with Stephen Jesse Jackson, who was born in ’78. Jesse Jackson, who was born on a date with 78 and 33 numerology, was exactly 78 years, 33 weeks old. The names Robert and Patrick both sum to 78 and 33.

Robert and Patrick both = 78 and 33, Thirty-three and Robert Patrick both = 156 and 66

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