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Pennsylvania – Land of 666

In English Ordinal, six hundred sixty-six sums to 275.

"Six hundred sixty-six" = 275 (English Ordinal)

State of Pennsylvania = 275 Reverse, 238 Ordinal and 2038 Extended

In Jewish/Latin, it sums to 2038.

"Six hundred sixty-six" = 2038 (Jewish)

Let’s take a look at the telephone area code overlay for Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia Area

Let’s begin with the most populated city, Philadelphia, where the primary Area Code is 215. The phrase six hundred and sixty-six is 21 letters, 5 words long. 215 is also a rearrangement of the digits 152.

"Pennsylvania" = 152 (English Ordinal)"Two hundred fifteen" = 1502 (English Extended)

The 152nd verse of Revelation is 9:999 is short-hand for 666 since they contain similar-looking digits and both have the same sum of 18.

There are two other area codes in the Philadelphia area, only one of which is seen in the map above – 267 and 445.

The 267th verse of the Book of Revelation is numbered 16:10.

"Six hundred threescore and six" = 1610 (Jewish)

In Revelation 3:7, the Church of Philadelphia is mentioned along with The Key of David.

"Six hundred and sixty-six" = 267 (LCH Kabbalah)"The Key of David" = 267 (Franc Baconis)

445 is the Hebrew value for total lunar eclipse.

"אלמ חרי יוקיל" = 445 (Hebrew Gematria)

"Philadelphia" = 445 (Reverse Franc Baconis)

Pittsburgh Area

Along the western side of the state, Area Code 412 encompasses the state’s second-most populated city of Pittsburgh.

Four one two and Pennsylvania both = 152 Ordinal

666×2 = 1332

"Four one two" = 1331 (English Extended)

666×3 = 1998

In the year 1998, a Area Code 724 split off from 412.

"Number of the Beast" = 724 (Jewish)

"Mark of the Beast" = 724 (Reverse Satanic)

The Beast rules for 42 months in Revelation. 42 months later, Area Code 878 came into existence.

Notice the new area code’s debut was a span of 198 days after the anniversary of its predecessor’s in 1998.

In Jewish gematria, Eight seven eight = 1098 and Beast = 198

I also found it interesting that 878 is the Reverse Reduction value of Revelation 17:4.

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication = 1741 Ordinal and 878 Reverse Reduction

Scranton / Wilkes-Barre

In Jewish/Latin gematria, six hundred sixty-six sums to 2038.

"Six hundred sixty-six" = 2038 (Jewish)

This is the value of State of Pennsylvania in two primary English ciphers:

"State of Pennsylvania" = 238 Ordinal and 2038 Extended

The Moon’s average distance from the Earth is ~238,000 miles. See this slide for more on the Moon’s relation to 666.

"Moon" = 57 (English Ordinal)

The Moon’s diameter is ~2160 miles. The Earth’s diameter is ~7920 miles.

2160 ÷ 7920 = 0.272

Susquehanna Valley

There are 223 lunar phases in the Saros cycle, and the Hebrew word for The Moon sums to 223.

"חריה (The Moon)" = 223 (Hebrew Gematria)

The Synagogue of Satan rules during end times in Revelation.

"The Synagogue of Satan" = 223 (English Ordinal)"Philadelphia" = 223 (Reverse Ordinal)

7×17 = 119

"All-seeing eye" = 119 (English Ordinal)

Seven one seven5661All-seeing eye
Seven seventeen174 Number of the Beast
Seven hundred seventeen95 103 = Six hundred sixty-six

Allentown / Reading

Revelation sums to 1010

"Revelation" = 1010 (Jewish)

Revelation 10:10 sums to 484.

And I took the little book out of the angel's hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.

The Synagogue of Satan and Four eighty-four both = 1201

In Jewish gematria, Crucifix = 610 and Six hundred threescore and six = 1610

Last, and maybe least, central Pennsylvania’s 814 area code.

In Reverse, Eight hundred fourteen = 313 and Eight fourteen = 198

"Six hundred threescore and six" = 313 (English Ordinal)"Beast" = 198 (Jewish)

For good measure, take a look at some of the major Interstates and Highways that travel through Pennsylvania. It’s littered with more Moon numbers, particularly 99 and 283, but there’s far more than I have the energy to list.

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