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Insane Synchronicity With “Double Rainbow Guy” Passing Away

Double Rainbow Video (YouTube)

This is one of my favorite videos of anything ever. It turns out the guy who filmed and uploaded this video, Paul Vasquez, just recently passed away over the weekend.

"Paul Vasquez" = 44 (Full Reduction)

"Rainbow" = 44 (Reverse Reduction)

Last September, I had my own incredible synchronicity with a rainbow. While in the car by myself, I even said jokingly out loud, “what does it mean?!” in reference to this video. As it turns out, Vasquez named his YouTube account after his own nickname, Yosemitebear.

"Yosemitebear" = 163 (Francis Bacon)

In my linked post, I point out how I drove through the end of a rainbow at mile marker 163 just outside of Breezewood, Pennsylvania.

Rainbow = 163 Franc Baconis and 108 Francis Bacon

Breezewood, Pennsylvania = 108 in both Reduction methods

Notice the date the Double Rainbow video was uploaded, which is the same date in the title – January 8th, or 1/08.

Yosemitebear was born a span of exactly 273 months before me, and our birthdays are separated by a span of 273 days:

"Yosemitebear" = 273 (Franc Baconis)

273 months is also a span of exactly 1,187 weeks:

"Yosemitebear" = 187 (Reverse Ordinal)

The death of Yosemitebear fell a span of 34 weeks, 3 days after my own rainbow synchronicity:

The Prime Factorization of 343 is 7×7×7

"Yosemitebear" = 777 (Jewish)

I found it interesting that not only was he born on September 5th, written 9/5, but he also has Primary numerology of 95:(9) + (5) + (19) + (62) = 95

Vasquez then passed away on May 9th, written 9/5 internationally. Not only do I have Standard birth numerology of 95, but my full name sums to 95 in Reduction:(6) + (4) + (85) = 95

"Derek Michael J Tikkuri" = 95 (Full Reduction)

On Saturday, I made this post saying how my organic synchronicities were exploding. As it turns out, that was the same day Vasquez died. It’s truly almost unbelievable. It’s been a while since I’ve been aghast while decoding anything.

Back in 2010, when he originally uploaded the video, his username was Hungrybear9562. This has the same Ordinal value as Double rainbow.

Hungrybear9562 = 141 and Double Rainbow = 141

At some point, Paul “Bear” Vasquez changed his username to Yosemitebear, both summing to 187. Based on his own description of his symptoms, it sounds like they may end up attributing his death to the Covid-19 pandemic, which shares 137 gematria with Yosemitebear.

Paul "Bear" Vasquez = 187, Yosemitebear = 137 and 187, Bear Vasquez = 137, Covid-19 pandemic = 137

666 has been the number coded all over the pandemic. The last name Vasquez has matching 666 Sumerian gematria with Yosemite, meaning they both have the same value in Ordinal as well.

Vasquez and Yosemite both = 111 Ordinal

Vasquez describes how the rainbow looks like the eye of God.

Rainbow and Eye of God both = 82 Ordinal

Watch this short video to hear Paul discuss how the video was the result of a major synchronicity of his own. He knows there’s more to life than this stage show – that’s why he accepted his death when he felt it was imminent. He’s looking forward to what’s next, as I hope everyone else is as well.

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