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Media Losing Grip on Covid-19 Narrative

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been less willing to jump on sites like FoxNews.com or (especially) CNN.com to look for stories to decode. The headlines have become more and more infuriating as the government attempts to normalize the destruction of human rights on a scale the world has never seen before.

However, instead of getting tilted, I actually smiled when I saw this headline from yesterday:

Why you need to wear the damn mask

CNN publishing curses in its headlines reeks of desperation. The global cabal did not get everything they wanted out of this staged pandemic. Of course, they got a hell of a lot more than they should have, particularly in nations outside the United States, and they will get more. But this makes it clear to me that the media is losing grip on the narrative over this “virus”. Of course, the only real virus here is the media itself.

Needless to say, I have not worn a mask once during this false flag. The decision to make people wear masks has nothing to do with keeping us safe, and everything to do with degrading the human condition. Wearing a mask is symbolic – your emotions become invisible, your smile can’t be seen, and a barrier is built between you and fellow human beings. Your voice is not supposed to matter in this Brave New World society the elite want so badly to build for us.

Furthermore, I’m still asthmatic, having suffered greatly from the disease as a child, although the severity of it has declined with age. A mask causes even more restrictions for my breathing, and I’ve been told by my doctor I have a sufficient medical reason not to wear one. My doctor is not like most; he recently spoke at the ReOpen Wisconsin protest in late April, taking a hard stance against the measures enacted in response to the virus.

Notice how the article’s author has gematria of 275.

Caroline Pearlman = 95 and 275 REverse

666 has been the number coded alongside Covid-19 since the beginning.

Six hundred sixty-six = 95 Reduction and 275 Ordinal

Furthermore, her name also has that -man suffix, indicating she’s likely an agent of the system. After all these years, names with the man / son / ram / ben code, as well as names with the same initials, continue to dominate the news.

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