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Snopes.com Created By the Numbers

Snopes.com (Wikipedia)

Snopes.com was founded in 1994 by David and Barbara Mikkelson to examine folklore.

David and Barbara Mikkelson = 994 Extended and 94 Reduction

"Folklore" = 94 (English Ordinal)

It was named after the Snopes Trilogy, written by William Faulkner.

"Snopes Trilogy" = 194 (English Ordinal)

"William Faulkner" = 94 (Reverse Reduction)

"Nobel Prize" = 49 (Reverse Reduction)

Faulkner, who won a Nobel Prize in ’49, died on a date with Primary numerology of 94:(7) + (6) + (19) + (62) = 94

He’s the only Nobel Prize winner to have been born in Mississippi.

"Mississippi" = 94 (Single Reduction)

The name Faulkner sums to 88, just like Snopes.

Faulkner and Snopes both = 88

The 88th Prime number is 457

"Fact or fiction" = 457 (Jewish)

Masonry Riddle?

Are the operators of Snopes.com honest in their approach, or is there a hidden element steering the ship?

In Ordinal, David and Barbara Mikkelson sums to 211.

"David and Barbara Mikkelson" = 211 (English Ordinal)

"Mason" = 211 (Jewish)

211 is the 47th Prime number
The Masonic compass is set to 47 degrees

"Freemasonry" = 158 (Reverse Ordinal)

"David and Barbara Mikkelson" = 158 (Reverse Reduction)

"Snopes" = 74 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Masonic" = 74 (English Ordinal)


They’re from Tacoma, Washington.

"Tacoma, Washington" = 1430 (Jewish)

"Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 143 (Reverse Reduction)

Check out the tremendous overlap of Tacoma and Mikkelson.

Tacoma and Mikkelson both = 37, 53, and 109

"Barbara Mikkelson" = 109 (Reverse Reduction)

David P. Mikkelson, one of the site’s founders, is still the owner to this day.

David P. Mikkelson and Tacoma, Washington both = 66 and 87

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