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The Rock’s Father, Rocky Johnson, Dies @ 75


Rocky Johnson was the father of former pro wrestler and current highest-paid actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. On the date his father passed away, The Rock was a span of 37 weeks after his most recent birthday, and a span of 109 days before his next:

The Rock = 37 and 109 in Reverse

The 37th Prime number is 157

"Rocky Johnson" = 157 (Reverse Ordinal)

The “Killing” Code

In November, The Rock presented Jorge Masvidal with a new belt called the BMF Title:

My post on this event

Masvidal was born in 1984

"Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson" = 1984 (English Extended)

74 days later, his father passed away on January 15th, the date written 1/1574 Days

74 and 115 are the gematria values of masonic and killing, which also sums to 38 and 43. That’s similar to the values of Rocky Johnson’s combined real and stage names:

Masonic = 223. Masonic and Killing both = 38, 43, 74, and 115. Rocky Johnson - Wayde Douglas Bowles = 380 and 430

Johnson Sr. was a span of 223 days before his next birthday:223 Days

WWF Tag Team Champion

Rocky Johnson was one half of the first-ever African-American team to win the WWF Tag Team Championship. They won it on the date 11/15, similar to the date he died, 1/15. It was the only WWF title he would ever win.

Rocky Johnson’s son, The Rock, is currently 47 years old. The 47th Prime number is 211

Killing = 47 K Exception and 211 Primes

Johnson Sr. died 13,211 days after his championship victory:13211 Days

Human sacrifice = 130 and Ritual human sacrifice = 211

They held the Tag Team titles for 154 days:154 Days

"Ritual sacrifice" = 154 (English Ordinal)

"Rocky Johnson" = 167 (English Ordinal)

167 is the 39th Prime number

Johnson won the Tag Team titles when he was 39 years, 83 days old:39 Years, 83 Days

It was the year ’83"Murder" = 83 (Reverse Ordinal)

The 83rd Prime number is 431
Rocky’s nickname was Soulman

"Soulman" = 431 (Jewish)

Johnson’s title win aired on WWF’s Championship Television exactly 36 years, 36 days before his death:36 Years, 36 Days

"Rocky" = 36 (Full Reduction KV)

Notice the air date of December 10th, written 12/10. The name of their tag team was Soul Patrol

"Soul Patrol" = 121 (Reverse Ordinal)

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