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Cardinals DB Josh Shaw Suspended for Betting on Games

NFL suspends player for betting on league games

Josh Shaw was suspended by the NFL for gambling on November 29th, the date he turned 1444 weeks old:1444 Weeks, 0 Days

1444 is 38 squared

"Gambling" = 38 (Full Reduction)

November 29th is the 333rd day of the year:

"Josh Shaw" = 333 (Primes)

Pete Rose

Without a doubt, the most famous athlete to have gotten caught gambling on games in his own league is Pete Rose, the most prolific hitter in the history of baseball. Rose’s similar 8-letter name comically has the same gematria as Josh Shaw. Consider how most people saw this news on the date 11/30

Pete Rose and Josh Shaw both = 103, 113, and 41

13 × 113 = 1469

"Peter Edward Rose" = 1469 (Jewish)

On the date of Shaw’s suspension, Peter Edward Rose was 229 days after his birthday:229 Days

"Peter Edward Rose" = 229 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Peter Edward Rose" = 1229 (English Extended)

Shaw signed with the Cardinals on March 18th, the 77th day of the year:

"Peter Edward Rose" = 77 (Full Reduction)

"Sports betting" = 77 (Reverse Reduction)

Pete Rose and Josh Shaw are separated in age by 18610 days:18610 Days

The 18th Prime number is 61

"Bet" = 18 (Reverse Reduction)

Rose accepted his ban from baseball on August 24th, 1989, which was 30 years, 97 days before Shaw’s suspension:30 Years, 97 Days

397 is the 78th Prime number

Rose played with the Cincinnati Reds through the ’78 season, which is the year he got his 3,000th hit and achieved his famous 44-game hit streak. Rose is currently 78 years old:78 Years

Age Alignments

This occurred during Brown Lunation # 1199
The month was 11/19

Josh Shaw is in his 10109th day since birth, and is 119 days before his next birthday:

The National Football League is 99 years, 101 days (or 1191 months, 9 days) old:

In 1992, the same year Josh Shaw was born, a federal ban on sports gambling was passed. That ban was lifted a span of 199 days after the anniversary of its passage, and Shaw’s suspension fell 1 year, 199 days later:

"Roger Goodell" = 191 (Reverse Ordinal)

Roger Goodell, who issued Shaw his suspension, is 22,199 days old and a span of 9 months, 11 days after his birthday:

Shaw even signed with the Cardinals 11 months, 19 days after his birthday.

19×109 = 2071

"NFL suspends player for betting on league games" = 2071 (Jewish)

The 91st Prime number is 467

"NFL suspends player for betting on league games" = 467 (English Ordinal)

One last interesting fact – combing Rose’s and Shaw’s full names yields a 3014, like pi, which is 3.14

"Peter Edward Rose - Joshua James Shaw" = 3014 (Trigonal)

Their names also combine to equal 461 in Reverse, the 89th Prime number. Pete Rose was banned from baseball for gambling in ’89.

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