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Anarchadelphia Controversy

Zach’s video (Relevant part begins at 1:13:30)

For those who aren’t up to speed – Zach uploaded a video over the weekend where he spent a good chunk of time talking about me and how unhappy he is about something I said in an interview with Pat Leach from Anarchadelphia.

Instead of making some sort of response video, I will be calling in to TFR tonight so we can have an actual discussion about this, because I don’t sit behind my computer and call people names. I’m about as shocked as anyone that he’s gone to such lengths to villainize me, and it appears as if plenty of his followers are jumping on the wagon as well.

One thing that trips me out about Zach’s channel though, is that not everyone seems to be real there. Previously, on both of our channels, we would see all sorts of trolls posting negative things about our videos. That type of response is largely missing from contemporary videos, but check out this comment:

Notice the username: All Resisters Sell Out. And he’s posting about how me, a resister, has sold out? He says some outlandish things here – I’m going to decide who can use my calculator? I’m going to charge people to use it? What?!?!

I get a strong sense here that whoever posted under this account has an agenda – perhaps just waiting for conflict to arise so the fans can be flamed. Remember, the game here is division. I have not participated in any divisive tactics, which cannot be said for everyone involved.

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