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Harley Race Dies – Clairvoyance Confirmed

The title of this post is tongue-in-cheek…but really, what the heck is going on?

For whatever reason, last night I became inspired to do a post on the seemingly related deaths of pro wrestlers Rick Rude and Curt Hennig, who grew up as friends in Robbinsdale, Minnesota.

I finished the posts in the morning, and published them today, August 1st. As I scanned the news in the evening, I came across this:

Pro wrestling legend Harley Race dies at 76

Today is August 1st, or 8/1

"Race" = 81 (Reverse Ordinal)

Recall how we recently had the story about a woman dying at an Ironman race.

Not only was Harley Race a pro wrestler, but he was a Tag Team champion with Curt Hennig’s father, Larry “The Axe” Hennig, who I mentioned in the post. The two men held the AWA Tag Team Championships for the fourth-most number of days in the promotion’s history:

In 1984, Harley Race returned to the AWA to wrestle none other than…Larry Hennig’s son, Curt Hennig:Race returned to the AWA in 1984 to wrestle Curt Hennig. The confrontation was fueled by Larry Hennig confronting his former tag team partner at the end of the match.

Larry Hennig died on 12/6, 126 days before Harley Race’s birthday:126 Days

This is also 34 weeks and 1 day after his birthday. The two men passed away exactly 34 weeks apart:34 Weeks, 0 Days

"Murder" = 34 (Full Reduction)

I don’t claim to have psychic powers, but it’s clear to me there’s some underlying current of the Universe I must be sensitive to. Unless someone has a better explanation…

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