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The Organic Matrix is Out of Control

I woke up really early this morning to make this post, because I was unable to fall back asleep after noticing the synchronicity in my dream with Andre the Giant. In the dream, he got engaged to the last girl I dated, who broke up with me earlier this year on the same exact date Andre died on back in 1993, something I didn’t know until I looked it up after waking up.

Andre was born on May 19th.

When I made that post, I had no idea that Peter Mayhew, another 7-footer who played Chewbacca in Star Wars, had passed away a few days ago, with news breaking yesterday. He was also born on May 19th, two years before Andre:

From the ages of about 11 – 14, I was quite obsessed with Star Wars, going so far as to participate in roleplays on AOL message boards where we’d all take our starships into battle, choose who we would attack, and post damage on a daily basis. From the ages of about 13-16, I became almost as obsessed with pro wrestling, to the point where my friends and I began our own backyard wrestling league.

This seals the deal for me. While I still believe murder by numbers is a real thing, I think it happens a LOT less frequently than we’ve been leading people to believe. Reality is simply not what we thought it was.

Today is 97 days after the anniversary of Andre’s death:97 Days

Star Wars has the same gematria as the first name of the girl who got engaged to Andre in my dream.

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