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Northwoods Mall Shooting Connected to Death of Monkees

On February 21st, Peter Tork, the bassist for the 60’s rock band The Monkees, passed away following a recurrence of cancer. He is the second member of The Monkees to die following the death of frontman Davy Jones on Leap Day in 2012.

This post will explore not only how these two deaths are numerically connected, but also how they are connected to the Operation Northwoods document from 1962 and the Northwoods Mall shooting in South Carolina that occurred the same day Peter Tork’s death was in the headlines.

The word Monkees sums to 230

"Monkees" = 230 (Jewish)

The shooting was 230 days before the anniversary of The Monkees’ debut album, which was called The Monkees:230 Days

The 23rd Prime number is 83

"Murder" = 83 (Reverse Ordinal)

Peter Tork died 83 months, 23 days after Davy Jones:83 Months, 23 Days

On the date of the shooting at Northwoods Mall, the state of South Carolina was 230 years, 8 months, 30 days old:230 Years, 8 Months, 30 Days

"Monkees" = 107 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Shooting" = 107 (English Ordinal)

Operation Northwoods

Peter Tork died on the date leaving 313 days in the year

It was a span of 313 days before Davy Jones’s birthday:313 Days

Operation Northwoods was printed on March 13th, written 3/13

The shooting at Northwoods Mall was exactly 20800 days after the release of the Operation Northwoods document:20800 Days

Monkees, Peter, and Tork all sum to 28 in Reduction:

"Monkees" = 28 (Full Reduction)"Peter" = 28 (Full Reduction)"Tork" = 28 (Full Reduction KV)

His full name even sums to 280 in the alphabetic order:

"Peter Halsten Thorkelson" = 280 (English Ordinal)

The word Kill has Reverse gematria of 28

"Kill" = 28 (Reverse Full Reduction)

When Operation Northwoods was printed, Peter Tork was exactly 241 months old:241 Months, 0 Days

241 is the 53rd Prime number

The Northwoods Mall shooting occurred on the 53rd day of the year:

Tork died 53 days after Davy Jones‘s birthday:53 Days

"Davy Jones" = 1890 (Jewish)

Northwoods Mall sums to 189 in both Ordinal methods:

Northwoods Mall = 189 in both Ordinal methods. Northwoods Mall = 63 & 72 in Reduction like "Jones" in Ordinal

The shooting had Full numerology of 63
Operation Northwoods was printed on the 72nd day of the year:(2) + (22) + (20) + (19) = 63

The date of the shooting had the exact same numerology as the date Jones died in 2012:63, 36, 18, 43, and 16

The Sacrifice Code

The Operation Northwoods document was printed in ’62, the same year The Monkees were founded by Bob Rafelson

"Bob Rafelson" = 62 (Reverse Full Reduction)

This is also the Reduction gematria of Davy Jones’ full name:

"David Thomas Jones" = 62 (Full Reduction)

Peter Tork would then die on a date with Full numerology of 62(2) + (21) + (20) + (19) = 62

"Sacrifice" = 62 (Reverse Full Reduction)

That date was February 21st, written 2/21. That’s Bob Rafelson’s birthday. 221 is also the gematria of the other founder of The Monkees, Bert Schneider

"Bert Schneider" = 221 (Reverse Ordinal)

Schneider was born on 5/5, and died on a date with Full numerology of 55(12) + (12) + (20) + (11) = 55

"Bob Rafelson" = 55 (Single Reduction)"Sacrifice" = 55 (Single Reduction)

Tork died on Rafelson’s 86th birthday.

"Blood sacrifice" = 86 (Reverse Full Reduction)

“Order Out Of Chaos” Code

Tork = Chaos in both Reduction methods

Tork’s death, as well as the shooting, fell exactly 19 weeks after the release of The Monkees’ most recent album:19 Weeks, 0 Days

Peter’s full name sums to 314 in the Reverse alphabetical order:"Peter Halsten Thorkelson" = 314 (Reverse Ordinal)

Tork’s last full day alive was February 20th, the date that leaves 314 days on the calendar:

The first number to sum to 314 in the alphabetic order without the word “and” between the numbers is 777

"Seven hundred seventy-seven" = 314 (English Ordinal)

On that date, Peter Tork was 77 years, 7 days old:77 Years, 7 Days

777 is the number of numeric ritual

"Numeric ritual" = 777 (Jewish)

This is also the value of the Masonic motto, order out of chaos

"Order out of chaos" = 777 (Jewish)

7×7×7 = 343

"The Monkees" = 343 (Jewish)

The Mayor of Charleston was a span of 3 years, 43 days into his term during the mall shooting:3 Years, 43 Days

Operation Northwoods was published on a date with Standard numerology of 78(3) + (13) + (62) = 78

In Reverse, order out of chaos has matching 78 gematria with South Carolina

Order out of chaos = 222 Reverse and 78 Reverse Reduction. South Carolina = 78 in Reverse Reduction

South Carolina was founded on May 23rd, the date leaving 222 days in the year:

The shooting at Northwoods Mall took place on February 22nd, written 2/22 or 22/2

Davy Jones and Peter Tork were born 202 weeks, 2 days apart:202 Weeks, 2 Days

More Connections

The duration between Jones’s and Tork’s deaths is 2549 days:2549 Days

2549 is the 373rd Prime number
373 is the 74th Prime number

Killing = 115 & 155, The Monkees = 115 & 155. Davy Jones and Peter Tork both = 115 & 128

"Kill" = 128 (Primes)

Peter Tork has a number of numerical connections to the state of South Carolina.

"Peter Halsten Thorkelson" = 116 (Reverse Full Reduction)

See this screenshot from my post on South Carolina to see how relevant 116 is to that state.

Tork’s date of birth had Standard numerology of 57(2) + (13) + (42) = 57

South Carolina = 57 & 78

"Peter Thorkelson" = 78 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Thorkelson & Charleston, SC both = 137 & 47

The Monkees & Northwoods both = 47 in Reverse Reduction

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