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At Last – Political Unity in America

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…the two major political parties in the United States have finally come together.

Leaders from both parties mourn McCain at Capitol

You know things are tense in Washington when the news feels it necessary to point out that the parties are at least able to set their differences aside at a funeral.

106 YearsAlso – how wild is it that McCain’s mom is actually attending his funeral? That’s right – she’s not dead, she’s 106 years old."McCain" = 106 (English Extended)

"Pi ritual" = 106 (English Ordinal) "Pi" = 16 (Full Reduction)

106 was a significant number in the bus crash yesterday. Roberta has a couple other connections to the circle"Roberta McCain" = 229 (Reverse Ordinal)

229 is the 50th Prime number. Today has a life lesson number of 50"Circle" = 50 (English Ordinal)

(8) + (31) + 2+0+1+8 = 508 + 3+1 + (20) + (18) = 50

The number of the Beast is revealed in the 229th verse of Revelation, which has 404 verses"Roberta McCain" = 404 (Jewish)

Today is 205 days after her birthday:205 Days

"Pi" = 16+9

"Roberta" = 110 (Reverse Ordinal) "Pi" = 11 (Reverse Full Reduction)

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