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Pro Wrestler Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart Dead @ 63

Former WWE wrestler Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart has passed away. This death appears to be related to the career of his daughter, Natalya Neidhart, who currently wrestles on the WWE SmackDown brand. She’s a former winner of both the Divas and SmackDown Women’s Championships.

Neidhart died at age 63"Natalya Neidhart" = 63 (Full Reduction)

The name Neidhart sums to 79 in Ordinal, just like the word murder"Neidhart" = 79 (English Ordinal)

"Murder" = 79 (English Ordinal)

Jim passed away a span of 79 days after his daughter’s birthday:79 Days

If we convert the measurement to include months, we find it was a span of 2 months, 18 days:2 Months, 18 Days

Of course, this is the year 2018. Natalya’s birthday, May 27th, is the date that leaves 218 days in the year:

"Death" = 218 (English Extended)

2:18 on a clock is 138 minutes. The date Neidhart died is written internationally as 13/8

In the Reverse order, Death sums to 1807. It’s possible this is part of the reason 187 is considered slang for the homicide code"Death" = 1807 (Reverse Extended)

Including the end date, Neidhart died a span of 187 days after his birthday:187 Days

"Hart" = 187 (Satanic)

Not including the end date, this is 186 days, lining up with Neidhart’s Reverse gematria:186 Days

"Jim Neidhart" = 186 (Reverse Ordinal)

On the date he died, his brother-in-law, former 5-time WWE champion Bret Hart was exactly 61 years, 6 weeks old."Ritual sacrifice" = 616 (Jewish)

The date he died had numerology of 59(8) + (13) + (20) + (18) = 59

"James Henry Neidhart" = 59 (Chaldean)

"Kill" = 59 (Jewish)

The word kill sums to 89 in Extended, matching Jim’s Reduction gematria:"Kill" = 89 (English Extended)

"James Henry Neidhart" = 89 (Full Reduction)

The Hart Foundation

During his time in the WWE, Neidhart was a member of The Hart Foundation. Neidhart is not related to the Hart family by blood. He married Elizabeth Hart, sister of the clan. I always thought it was an interesting “coincidence” that his name ended in hart when he wasn’t even technically related.

Neidhart battled alongside family members Bret Hart, the British Bulldog, and Owen Hart. The only man still alive from that group is now Bret. There is certainly a significant amount of numerology in these deaths. Consider that Owen Hart and David Smith (aka The British Bulldog), the first two to pass away, died 1091 days apart."Owen James Hart" = 1910 (Jewish)

1091 Days

"The British Bulldog" = 191 (English Ordinal)"David Smith" = 161 (Reverse Ordinal)

Owen died in a tragic “accident” by the numbers in 1999. I discuss that death throughout this video. Jim Neidhart died exactly 7022 days after Owen:7022 Days

He also died a span of 2 months, 27 days after the anniversary of the death of the British Bulldog, who died on the date leaving 227 days in the year:

2 Months, 27 Days

May 18th is the 138th day of the year. Neidhart has now died on 13/8

227 is a number commonly stamped into numeric rituals.

"Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 227 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"Ritual and symbolism" = 227 (English Ordinal)

22 ÷ 7 is the smallest equation you can use to get the first three digits of pi
22 ÷ 7 = 3.14"Twenty-two divided by seven" = 314 (English Ordinal)

360 degrees in a circle:"Three hundred sixty" = 227 (English Ordinal)

"Mathematics of the circle" = 666 (Jewish)"Jim Neidhart" = 666 (English Sumerian)

Owen Hart was born 19099 days before the 2017 Great American eclipse and died in 1999, a span of 6666 days before it.

The British Bulldog was born 19991 days before the 2017 Great American eclipse and died 7996 days before the 2024 Great American eclipse.

Neidhart appears to have died in the middle of the night while adjusting the thermostat. Is it possible he was murdered? Is it possible he didn’t even really die, and that the Hart clan are really a group of oathkeepers? I don’t have the answers, truth-seeker…but we can rest assured that something very smelly is going on.

Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart = 113 & 311 Reverse like "The number for dishonesty"

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