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Why Swedish House Mafia REALLY Broke Up

I suspected that Swedish House Mafia, whose music by the way, I actually do like, had ties to Freemasonry. This is primarily because it appears as if a deadly attack that occurred at one of their concerts may have been a false flag. This doesn’t mean the guys in the group actually knew anything about it, but their show was used nonetheless.

"Masonry" = 33 (Full Reduction)

"Axwell, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso" = 3003 (English Extended)
3 DJ’s who comprise Swedish House Mafia

In my post about Tiesto playing under the lunar eclipse on Friday, I sprinkled the numerology of Axwell & Ingrosso in at the end as an afterthought. Then, I realized why Swedish House Mafia broke up in the first place back in 2013.

"Numeric ritual" = 777 (Jewish)7×7×7 = 343"Axwell, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso" = 3043 (Jewish)

I’ve documented at great length how the number 1331 is representative of a solar eclipse. The numbers speak for themselves – it’s as much proof, through gematria, of a single number being significant as I can think of. Well this Friday, Axwell & Ingrosso will be playing under the lunar eclipse.

Axwell & Ingrosso used to be members of Swedish House Mafia before they disbanded and Steve Angello went on to do his own thing. In theory, this isn’t all that odd, but it is unique. After all, how many other EDM groups have 3 DJ’s? What are the other two guys doing, anyway?

Well as it turns out, the missing member of Swedish House Mafia, Steve Angello, will be exactly 13031 days old:13031 Days

Remember – 1331 is the solar eclipse number, not the lunar eclipse number. Hence his absence."Steve Angello" = 433 (Primes)"Solar eclipse" = 433 (Jewish)

Steve Angello = Total eclipse in 3 of the 4 base ciphers

Sound crazy to assume this group broke up almost 5 years ago, just to complete a silly ritual like this? You’re underestimating the importance of the Sun and the Moon to secret societies.

"Swedish House Mafia" = 1506 (Jewish)

"ליקוי (Eclipse)" = 156 (Hebrew Gematria)

Axwell & Ingrosso is stylized as Axwell Λ Ingrosso. The middle character is the Greek letter lambda, which is worth 30 in Isopsephy.

"Axwell 30 Ingrosso" = 223 (English Ordinal)

"הירח (The Moon)" = 223 (Hebrew Gematria)

Before initially breaking up, Swedish House Mafia played their last show at Ultra Miami in 2013. They briefly reunited for one last show at Ultra Miami, once again, in 2018.

"Ultra Miami" = 72 (Reverse Full Reduction)"Lunar eclipse" = 72 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Reunion show: (3) + (25) + 2+0+1+8 = 39"Eclipse" = 39 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Send-off show: (3) + (24) + 2+0+1+3 = 33"Lunar" = 33 (Reverse Full Reduction) "Eclipse" = 33 (Full Reduction)

"Swedish" = 33 (Full Reduction) "Mafia" = 33 (Reverse Full Reduction)

The 33rd prime number is 137"Total eclipse" = 137 (English Ordinal)"House music" = 137 (Reverse Ordinal)

On the date of the lunar eclipse they play under, Axwell will be a span of 222 days after his birthday
Ingrosso will be 269 days before his next birthday"Eclipse" = 222 (English Extended) "Lunar eclipse" = 269 (Franc Baconis)

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