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18-Year-Old Darius Minor Dies After Football Workout

Maine Football Player Darius Minor Dies at Age 18 After Workout

"Workout" = 33 (Full Reduction)

Darius Minor = Thirty-three in Ordinal & Reverse

33 is a number of sacrifice"Thirty-three" = 148 (Jewish Ordinal)"Thirty-three" = 895 (Jewish)

"Ritual sacrifice" = 148 (Jewish Ordinal)"Ritual human sacrifice" = 895 (Jewish)

In Ordinal, the number 33 and Darius Minor have gematria of 156
The 156th prime number is 911"Ritual human sacrifice" = 911 (Satanic)

Darius Minor was from Locust Grove, Virginia"Locust Grove, Virginia" = 911 (Satanic)

Darius Minor has died at the age of 18. The number 18 was significant in today’s death of Sergio Marchionne. So I find this kind of interesting:

"Darius Minor" = 593 (Jewish)

593 is the 108th prime number.

According to Yahoo’s article, he collapsed at 1:15 pm"Killing" = 115 (Jewish) "Killing" = 115 (Reverse Ordinal)

This is the second death of an NCAA football player this offseason. The first was OT Jordan McNair of the Maryland Terrapins, which I also did a post on.

McNair died on June 13th, written 6/13
13 is the 6th prime number
The 13th prime number is 41

Darius Minor has died 41 days after McNair:41 Days

Headline Gematria:

Another headline with 322:"Maine Football Player Darius Minor Dies at Age 18 After Workout" = 322 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Speaking of Marchionne…this number was found in the same cipher in the headline for his death:"Sergio Marchionne, who saved Fiat and Chrysler, dies at 66" = 322 (Reverse Full Reduction)

He was the former CEO of Chrysler. The Chrysler building is in its 32202nd day since it opened.

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