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A Little More Time…

Today is July 4th, written 7/4, the date on which Independence Day is celebrated.

"Independence Day" = 74 (Full Reduction)

"Holiday" = 74 (English Ordinal)

It’s a good day for me to make a post after taking a long break.

"English" = 74 (English Ordinal)

"Gematria" = 74 (English Ordinal)

"Alphabetic order" = 74 (Full Reduction)

The “break” I took was actually a vacation…I’m just not too fond of telling the whole world I’m leaving my house for several days. It’s the first vacation I’ve taken since I started contributing work in the field of gematria, and it was one that was much, much-needed.

When I discovered gematria, it really took over my life. I was able to recognize that people in high places were aware of and using gematria, but I sensed there was much more to this study than just theorizing about who was behind the conspiracy. With each passing day, it has become more and more clear to me that gematria, the language of letters and numbers, has everything to do with the reality we experience, when we are born on this planet, and when we die. This world is a shared consciousness, driven by numbers, symbols, and thought forms.

This has truly become what I want to spread – the knowledge that we are in a coded reality, almost certainly some type of simulation, and that each of us was placed here at a specific time, in a specific family, to carry out a purpose. Perhaps that purpose for some is just to gain experience and learn to grow and love – for me, I was burdened with a restless mind, one unsatisfied with the mundane, day-to-day pleasures that most find themselves comfortable with. Because I started doing this long before I looked at my own numerology, only to discover I have all the perfect numbers related to this, I have no question in my mind that I was placed here to help spread this knowledge.

Doing this work feels rather robotic at times. This past week was a chance for me to not be the Gematrinator, but Derek, a person who I’ve been neglecting for a while. I spent my week building long-lasting friendships, solidifying existing ones, and feeling something I haven’t allowed myself to feel in a long time – true, pure, unconditional love.

At times, we build an idea of what “perfection” is. I did not get to live out my version that I developed over the past week, but to call the weekend anything but perfect seems bitter and selfish. What is truly “perfect” is God’s plan, even if to each individual, we must suffer through heartache, confusion, and frustration.

It’s funny – in love, I’ve always had a nasty habit of chasing that which I knew I could not have. I’m beginning to realize the Truth I’m seeking is something cut from that same cloth. The gray area that exists between what we know to be organic numerology and what we know to be human-coded is far too vast from our seats to ever accurately identify the boundaries of. This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying; I think we can get closer, and I believe with more eyes and minds aware of this knowledge, we will begin to figure more out about our world.

But for the time being, I’m going to remain on break. I’m still feeling a little too…..human, perhaps….to go back and run numbers. I’ve been absorbed into the reality the mainstream has created for us and some more time away from that should benefit my mindset as we move forward.

That’s all for now…happy Fourth, everyone. And if by some small chance, any of you reading this were in the same place I was last week…I hope you had as Happy a Forest as I did.

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