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Immigration This, Immigration That

Perhaps the title of this post deserves a more sensitive tone. However, I’ve been scanning the headlines for the past 3 days looking for something interesting to decode and this topic has dominated every news outlet. I didn’t want to bother talking about it, because the whole thing is just shitty, but this is definitely worth mentioning.

The whole issue here is immigration. Admittedly, it’s not a topic I’m too well-read on, so I should hold some of my opinions. That being said, I’ve always struggled to understand why illegal immigration was so widely-accepted for as long as it was. I’m kind of a believer in the idea that if all the dreamers and hard workers who come to America to gain wealth would work hard and help improve their OWN nations, the world would ultimately be a much better place.

On the other hand, some of my good friends come from families that did not originally arrive here legally, so it’s a mixed bag. I just find myself largely indifferent on this issue. The only thing I really feel strongly about is that if families are being detained, they should not be separated.

Anyway, this is a “History Repeats Itself” ritual in relation to the Naturalization Act of 1798, which was signed on June 18th, 1798. Immigration really took the headlines over earlier this week on Monday, June 18th, the same exact date on the calendar.

220 years, 0 days

But the date isn’t the only special part of this. From 1798 to 2018 is 220 years, a number relevant to the man presiding over today’s mess:

"Donald John Trump" = 220 (Reverse Ordinal)

Trump is President #45
The 45th prime number is 197"Naturalization" = 197 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Naturalization Act" = 205 (English Ordinal)"Naturalization Act" = 70 (Full Reduction)

"Trump" = 25 (Full Reduction)Trump took office at age 70  |  “Trump” = 700 (EE)

June 18th is the 169th day of the year:

"Immigration" = 169 (Reverse Ordinal)

This year, June 18th had 42 numerology:(6) + (18) + (18) = 42

The 42nd prime number is 181"Naturalization" = 181 (English Ordinal)"Illegal immigrants" = 181 (English Ordinal)

It was the Naturalization Act of 1798 that changed Immigration policy

"Naturalization Act of 1798" = 251 (English Ordinal)

"Immigration policy" = 251 (Reverse Ordinal)

251 is the 54th prime number"Illegal alien" = 54 (Full Reduction)

This Act was repealed just a few years later, on April 14th, 1802. That means it was in place for exactly 3 years, 300 days:3 Years, 300 Days

"Aliens" = 33 (Single Reduction)

The date of the 1798 Naturalization Act had full numerology of 139(6) + (18) + (17) + (98) = 139

"Immigrant" = 139 (Reverse Ordinal)

The date it was repealed was the 104th day of the year

"Immigrant" = 104 (English Ordinal)

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