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My Current Thoughts About Gematria

When I started this Blog, I made it a goal of mine to spread knowledge of the Organic Matrix, based on things I have experienced in my own life. While I made several posts about the Matrix in the first couple weeks, things tapered down and I focused on exposing the mainstream media for publishing completely fake news stories.

Well, I do still think the media fabricates news stories. And I think professional sports are rigged – but how are they doing it? There are several theories I have bouncing around in my head. I no longer really believe that every player on every team is actively playing out a script. I understand this might turn off some of my readers, who have grown to know me as a guy who is helping to expose these sports leagues for what they truly are.

I’m just as willing to believe that those who are in charge of the leagues – the commissioners, general managers, etc. are aware of this Organic Matrix, know a lot more about it, and may actually be placing certain players on certain teams with an intended outcome in mind. It feels crazy to suggest this, but I also think it seems crazy to suggest that any baseball player can hit a home run on command in the middle of a game. Perhaps they are using some sort of advanced technology, of which I have no real understanding of.

At this point, I feel a little more comfortable suggesting that things we are seeing and experiencing by the numbers is just how it works here on this planet, in this realm. It took me a long time to get here, but the numerology is too perfect for humans to code out. It just is. I’ve spent a lot of time decoding my own family, their birthdays, their names, and the numbers of the Moon are literally everywhere. The riddles with the Metonic Cycle I found with my nephews are absolutely mind-blowing, and I just feel foolish suggesting everything is set up and rigged when everywhere I look in my own life, things happen similarly.

Now, again, this does not mean the news isn’t fake. My current theory is that no, I was not the first person to build a gematria calculator and pick up on these things about my own life. However, those who did have either used the knowledge to benefit themselves, or have kept it within secret societies. It seems like I’m the first person to build an advanced calculator and try to wake everyone up to what’s happening.

It’s my belief that the Moon is not a natural satellite, but is actually an “artificial” channel through which our reality is manifested on Earth. This philosophy is actually nearly-identical to what’s taught in the Kabbalah, where Yeshod, or Yesod, which is representative of the Moon, is the first sphere on the tree of life above Malkuth, which represents the material world. And what I’m beginning to realize is that this is an absolute, spiritual truth – and if we all pay close attention, we will find that not only did God create the world by merging the letter and the number, but he is actively creating and removing the world’s inhabitants using the same system – and it’s the numbers of the Moon that are the most prevalent, at least in my own life.

The number of mind-bending organic synchronicities I have experienced since starting this Blog is just too high for me to suggest that everything we see is a conspiracy. Yeah, some of it is, because the truth about our reality is being held within a relatively small group of people, and the only power they hold over us is the fact that most of us are ignorant to it. So they enjoy mocking us.

But think about the things I have posted about and consider that I’ve only made posts for a fraction of these occurrences. Discovering a new synchronicity, whether it be through symbolism or numbers, is literally a daily thing for me, and I feel as awake to this holographic reality as I ever have. I feel burdened by it, but at the same time, it’s a relief to know that we are not accidents, and each of us is here to help play a role in advancing humanity to its next stage. Hopefully, that next stage is an intellectual renaissance in the wake of literally decades of falling IQ’s. Our rulers have worked hard to make us stupider so that we are unable to ascend in consciousness, but if we start waking up to not just what they’re doing, but why they’re doing it, perhaps we can still change this world for the better.

Why are they doing it, anyway? Certainly, there has to be more to it than just mockery. It seems dangerous to give themselves away with ridiculous fake news, yet they pump these stories out like it’s a religion. So what’s it all about?

It’s a similar question to asking why they purposefully leave clues in false flag attacks. It’s as if they want some people to wake up, but not everyone. According to the suggestions of Ole Dammegard, the occult believes in the law of karma. And by showing you events are fake, you actually bring negative karma on to yourself by making the decision to ignore it.

So do they just want everyone else to have bad karma? What benefit does this serve to those who are already in the elite class, laughing at those who are unable to wake up and escape their financial or intellectual poverty? Allow me to take this a step further and suggest that incurring bad karma doesn’t just affect you in your current life – but that it also carries with you into your next life.

I don’t necessarily “believe” in reincarnation – I don’t like holding too many beliefs. I like to know things. However, I do find reincarnation to be the most likely thing to occur after we die. Think about it – you’ve already been born on this planet once. Why would the odds of coming back in a new body be so high?

Well if this is the case, and the Kabbalah suggests it is, then perhaps the bulk of humanity is accumulating bad karma every day as they continue to allow themselves to be deceived. And when those people croak, and it’s time to come back, perhaps all that bad karma will force them to be born into a shitty situation, whereas those who know the truth about the news and how deceptive it is…as long as they are good and don’t hurt anyone, they remain at the top of the “spiritual” ladder, not just the economic ladder, and get to enjoy a life of luxury upon return and inhabitance of a new body.

While it certainly seems like a sin, the Ten Commandments only forbid lies when they are intended to incriminate someone else. So if they tell you 10 people died in a shooting when nothing really happened, no sin has been committed. And if they can get you to figure out they are lying, but not get upset enough to do or say anything about it, then they have succeeded in knocking you down a rung on the spiritual ladder I just made up in my own mind.

You see, each human being is responsible for preventing themselves from being deceived. If the occult wasn’t leaving clues in false flags, their lies would simply be cruel and insensitive. But by surreptitiously letting us in on the secret, yet creating a false reality in which the lie is truth, they are allowing us to make a decision. They just hope we make the wrong one.

When I say “clues”, I typically mean things more obvious than gematria. For instance, a witness having a Freemasonry hat, or a complete lack of blood in what is supposed to be a gruesome, violent scene. When it comes to gematria, we get even MORE clues. Why go this extra step and code things by the numbers? To me, this is a “signal” to the Creator that they are awake and wish to continue ascending. And by keeping the rest of the population in fear, they can rest assured that everyone else will only be concerned about their basic, animalistic instincts, and won’t bother to seek truth and enlightenment.

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