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Robert De Niro Cusses Out Trump

Of course, I’m not one to believe in partisan politics. But you really have to ask yourselves – what is up with these liberals?

The way these celebrities behave in public is truly abhorrent. Yes, I understand De Niro was told to go on stage and say what he did. But the idea that people can rally behind such vulgar language at an event that’s supposed to have nothing to do with politics is what really freaks me out.

This tirade, just as any major news story, was completely executed by the numbers. This ritual is a tribute to time and the Metonic cycle, the most significant cycle of time in relation to the Moon.

Robert De Niro is an ideal man to lash out at the 2018 Tonys."Tonys" = 42 (Reverse Ordinal)

De Niro is a little more than 42 weeks after his birthday. The 42nd prime number is 181"Robert De Niro" = 181 (Reverse Ordinal)

DeNiro is currently 74 years old"Tony" = 74 (English Ordinal)

As for it being the year 2018 – 218 is the Hebrew gematria of the word for Moon. It’s also the English value of De Niro"ירח (Moon)" = 218 (Hebrew Gematria)"De Niro" = 218 (English Extended)

The 218th prime number is 1361. 13×61 = 793"The Tonys" = 793 (Jewish)

In Franc BaconisTony sums to 147"Tony" = 147 (Franc Baconis)

147 WeeksThe 1943 birthday of Robert De Niro and the 1946 birthday of Donald Trump are separated by just over 147 weeks:

"U.S. President" = 147 (Reverse Ordinal)"President of the United States" = 147 (Reverse Full Reduction)

The Greek word for the Metonic Cycle is Enneadecaeteris. This word shares gematria with the word President in multiple methods:"Enneadecaeteris" = 533 (English Extended)

"President" = 533 (English Extended)

Enneadecaeteris = 393 in Jewish gematria

"President" = 393 (Jewish)

DeNiro is currently 3903 weeks old:3903 Weeks

393 sums to 1331, the number that represents a total solar eclipse.Three hundred ninety-three = 1331 Jewish

The only other two numbers to have this value are 133 and 331One hundred thirty-three = 1331 Jewish Three hundred thirty-one = 1331

1033 DaysThere are 1033 days, including the end date, between the 1943 birthday of Robert De Niro and the 1946 birthday of Donald Trump:

"President" = 133 (Reverse Ordinal)"White House" = 133 (English Ordinal)

In the past week, we’ve had a pair of suicides by hanging – Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Another famous star to have hung himself was Robin Williams – so it’s interesting Robbie Williams was in the news for happening to be at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London when it caught fire last week.

“Anthony Michael Bourdain” = 232 (O)
Kate Spade died 23 weeks, 2 days after her birthday
Robin Williams hung himself at age 23032 days
Last week, actor Jackson Odell died at a “Sober living home” = 232 (RO)

So now, De Niro has, euphemistically, hangs Trump in front of a live national audience. So I find the number of days between their birthdays interesting:2 Years, 302 Days

One last note…the number 13 is significant to the office of the presidency in gematria.

"President" = 347 (Primes) Thirteen = 347 Jewish

"Robert Anthony De Niro Jr." = 1003 (Satanic)

13 × the 13th prime number = 533"President" = 533 (English Extended)

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