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Jury Awards $4 to Family of Black Man Killed by Police

CNN Article

This bullshit story is about a man who was allegedly murder by police in January of 2014. The story is intended to confuse – read it yourself and try to make sense of what happened.

The incident ended with police firing 4 shots through Hill’s garage door, with 3 striking him. One was a headshot, claiming his life.

Pretty accurate, aren’t they? How often do the police hit 3 of 4 shots when their target is actually visible? But again – nevermind these perfectly logical questions. It’s in the news, so it must be true!

This story is about the death of a man named Gregory Hill, Jr. at the hands of a St. Lucie County deputy.

"Gregory Hill Jr." = 187 (Reverse Ordinal)

"St. Lucie County" = 187 (English Ordinal)

187 is slang for the homicide code. Deputy Christopher Newman committed this homicide on January 14th, written 1/14

"Deputy Christopher Newman" = 114 (Reverse Full Reduction)

This all went down on the 14th day of 2014. The article states Hill’s 14th amendment rights were violated.

We’re being told the jury awarded only $4 for the wrongful death. This is another confusing element of the story – why offer any money at all? $4 is more like a “fuck you” to the family of the deceased. How could anyone do that?! It’s unrealistic.

So it seems as if no one is crying about this death at the police department. Think about how when a woman cries, Mascara often runs down their face. Perhaps this is why we get the ironic name of the local sheriff, Ken Mascara.

"Ken Mascara" = 311 (English Extended)"The number for dishonesty" = 311 (Reverse Ordinal)

A Florida family is "heartbroken" after a jury awarded $4 in damages for funeral expenses and pain and suffering in a case in which a St. Lucie County deputy fatally shot a father of three through his garage door, the family's attorney said Thursday.

"Heartbroken" = 117 (English Ordinal)

117 is a number to be wary of. 13 is the key ritual code"Thirteen" = 117 (Reverse Ordinal)

It happened on a date with 13 numerology:1 + 1+4 + 2+0+1+4 = 13

13 is the 6th prime number
“Gregory Hill” = 136 (O)  |  1306 (EE)
The 13th prime number is 41
“Hill” = 41 (O)

Thirteen = 99 Ordinal

This story comes to us from Fort Pierce, Florida

"Fort Pierce, Florida" = 99 (Full Reduction)"Fort Pierce, Florida" = 99 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"Racism" = 99 (Reverse Ordinal)

Let’s look at the headline we’re given for this article. To me, this points at the story being a hoax – after all, the shooting is said to have occurred at 3 p.m. But remember – just because they’re lying doesn’t necessarily mean nobody died.

'Black lives don't matter,' lawyer says after jury awards $4 in police killing

903 Reverse, 6170 Extended, 741 ALW, 2341 Primes, 6220 Jewish

The 903 in Reverse represents 93, which is a number of propaganda
Propaganda = 93 Ordinal

93 is also the number for Saturn, which has Extended gematria of 741, like the headline’s value in ALW.

“Saturn” = 93 (O)
“Saturn” = 741 (EE)
“Hoax code” = 741 (EE)

Furthermore, 6170 represents 617, which is the 113th prime number. 113 is the mainstream’s favorite number of deception

It seems as if the deceivers like to muddy the waters. While we know the story is a lie, it’s difficult to get a read on whether or not anybody died, as they’ve also coded sacrifice numbers.

Note the 2341 in Primes
2341 is the 347th Prime numberSacrifice = 347 Hebrew

The 6220 is Jewish gematria is also interesting:"Sacrifice" = 226 (English Extended)

City Law where Hill was gunned down prohibits “unnecessary noise”, as phrased by CNN

"Unnecessary noise" = 226 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Unnecessary noise" = 206 (English Ordinal)Sacrifice = 206 Jewish

4 Years, 4 Months, 17 DaysMeasuring from the date Gregory Hill Jr. was shot in his garage, to the date of this ridiculous news story regarding his $4 payout:

Kill = 44 Kill = 17 Reduction

"Gregory Hill Jr." = 83 (Full Reduction)

"Murder" = 83 (Reverse Ordinal)

Masonic Stamps

This event occurred exactly 158 weeks after alien-like governor Rick Scott took office in Florida:158 Weeks, 0 Days

"Freemasonry" = 158 (Reverse Ordinal)

The name of the officer who killed Gregory Hill is quite masonic.

“Christopher Newman” = 1509 (Jewish)
“Scottish Rite” = 159 (O)
“Freemasonry” = 139 (O)  |  158 (RO)
“Christopher” = 139 (O)  |  158 (RO)
Even Gregory Hill’s mom’s name is “Viola Bryant”  = 139 (O)  |  158 (RO)

“Christopher Newman = 209 (O)  |  250 (RO)
“Newman” = 29 (RR)  |  25 (R)
“Masonic” = 29 (R)  |  115 (RO)
The shooting occurred in “Fort Pierce” = 115 (O)
“Deputy Christopher Newman” = 1105 (Satanic)

“Chris” = 33 (RR)
“Masonry” = 33 (R)
The name of his daughter who testified in the trial was “Destiny” = 33 (R)

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