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French Spider-Man Rescues Dangling Child

CNN Article

CNN in Damage Control

The bullshit in this news story can be smelled from miles away.

The story is so ridiculous, it’s head-spinning. They’re telling us this child was helplessly dangling from a fifth-floor balcony in Paris, France.

You can see a man to the right just about within reach of the child. There’s some sort of partition separating the different apartments’ balconies, but the man is in the process of helping the child by the time the man climbing reaches him. Still, he let the kid dangle for a long time.

After this shot, the Malian immigrant who scaled the balconies grabs the child and pulls him to safety.

Of course, there’s no explanation for how a child ended up in this predicament in the first place. How is the little guy strong enough to hold himself up for this long? And where the hell is his family?

But nevermind these perfectly-logical questions. This news story is a ritual that was played out in relation to the 2015 Bataclan shooting hoax, which also took place in Paris, France, in which we got very bad CGI of what appeared to be a pregnant woman dangling from a cement window by only her fingertips:

Of course, the cameraman pans away from the woman at the most exciting moment, just as she begins to get pulled back into the window. The entire moment looks fake, and it was.

2 Years, 197 DaysMeasuring from the date of those Paris attacks on November 13th, 2015, to the date of this incident, is 2 years, 197 days:

"Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 2197 (English Extended)

2197 is 13 × 13 × 13
Remember, 13 is the key ritual code. The hero is being called the French Spider-Man

"Thirteen" = 45 (Full Reduction) Thirteen = 99 Ordinal

"Spider-Man" = 45 (Full Reduction)"Spider-Man" = 99 (English Ordinal)

The man who uploaded the video to Twitter is named Billal Righi

"Billal RIGHI" = 99 (English Ordinal)

The story has become viral international news, largely focusing on Gassama. Today, however, it emerged that the child’s father had gone on a grocery run and was playing Pokémon Go when the incident occurred.

"Groceries" = 99 (English Ordinal)"Groceries" = 144 (Reverse Ordinal)"Grocery run" = 144 (English Ordinal)

"Spider-Man" = 99 (English Ordinal)"Spider-Man" = 144 (Reverse Ordinal)

The man’s name is Mamoudou Gassama – perfect for a News story from France about a Malian immigrant:

"Mamoudou Gassama" = 47 (Full Reduction)

"Gassama" = 47 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"Malian immigrant" = 407 (Jewish)

"Malian immigrant" = 470 (Primes)"Mali" = 47 (ALW Kabbalah)

"News" = 47 (Reverse Ordinal) "News" = 47 (ALW Kabbalah)

"France" = 47 (English Ordinal)

It appears as if we only get news stories from other nations when the date lines up with their independence day or national holiday. France’s holiday is Bastille Day, which is celebrated on July 14th every year. Measuring from Bastille Day to the date of this story:

47 Days

47 degrees on the Freemasonic compass

115 DaysIn the reverse order, France sums to 115. When we measure to the Independence Day of the nation the immigrant is from, Mali, we get 115 days

"France" = 115 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Freemasonic" = 319 (Jewish) "Masonic" = 319 (Satanic)

Measuring instead to the most recent Bastille Day, we find it was exactly 319 days before this story:

319 Days

"Spider-Man" = 319 (Jewish)

Spider-Man also lines up with the date numerology of the release:

"Spider-Man" = 45 (Full Reduction) "Spider-Man" = 54 (Reverse Full Reduction)

(5) + (29) + 2+0+1+8 = 455 + 2+9 + (20) + (18) = 54

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