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Indiana Man Randomly Attacks Cops w/ AR-15

FOX News Article

The police, who have a monopoly on both the use of force, and delivering “facts” to the media, are telling us that a man in Evansville, Indiana, opened fire on several police cars with an AR-15 on Friday, May 11th. The man has no criminal background and they are unable to determine a motive.

This is exactly the type of news story that is supposed to vilify law-abiding gun owners. It’s a transparent attempt to mold people’s minds into thinking any normal, regular person, no matter how peaceful, could suddenly snap and cause carnage and chaos.

Yes, there’s footage of the incident. Does that prove the incident is real? Of course not – first, consider that the footage comes from the very same home security system used by the suspect. Isn’t it convenient the camera can see the entire area from which he fires his shots? You would not have seen this news story about a rifle in prior years, before the Establishment was attacking our rights to own them.

The man’s name is Barry Freeman. As I commonly point out, the man and the son are the primary hoax words, so how appropriate that not only does his name end with the man, but that he’s a Free man. Probably more like a Freemason. The article says he’s 51 years old."Freemason" = 51 (Single Reduction)"AR-Fifteen" = 51 (Reverse Full Reduction)

13 is the primary hoax code. The city this supposedly happened in was Evansville, Indiana."Evansville" = 1030 (English Extended)

"Thirteen" = 117 (Reverse Ordinal)"Evansville" = 117 (ALW Kabbalah)

Indiana police ambush by gunman who allegedly killed neighbor shown in dramatic video

“Indiana police ambush by gunman who allegedly killed neighbor shown in dramatic video” = 347 (Jewish Reduction)Thirteen = 347 Jewish

The other main hoax code is 33
squared is 1089"Evansville, IN" = 1089 (English Extended)

This whole thing occurred on the night of May 11th, written 5/11. This is the Jewish gematria of Saturn:

Saturn = 511 Jewish

"Barry Freeman" = 730 (Jewish)

Turn 73 upside-down and it becomes EL. El is the ancient Hebrew deity that represents the planet Saturn. Saturn is the keeper of time, which brings us to circles and cycles.

"Circles" = 511 (Trigonal)

In Hebrew, the word for “circle” sums to 143Circle in Hebrew = 143

"Evansville, Indiana" = 286 (Reverse Ordinal)143 × 2 = 286

The date had 54 numerology, matching the name of the neighbor who died in the incident:(5) + (11) + (20) + (18) = 54

"Jeffrey Kempf" = 54 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Unsurprisingly, the victim’s name has the same gematria as the shooter’s in the other three base ciphers:Barry Freeman = Jeffrey Kempf

Note the 63 in Reduction. It just so happens Freeman was shot from exactly 63 yards away:

The rampage came to an end after Detective Kyle Thiry, a seven-year department veteran, shot Freeman twice in the chest from 63 yards away in a "dimly lit neighborhood," according to Cullum.

Note the gematria of “Detective Kyle Thiry”, which has a direct connections to 13 and 33:

"Detective Kyle Thiry" = 91 (Full Reduction)91 is the 13th triangular number

“Thirty-three” = 156 (O)  |  141 (RO)
Both “One hundred fifty-six” and “One hundred forty-one” = 226 (O)"Detective Kyle Thiry" = 226 (English Ordinal)

"Kyle Thiry" = 133 (English Ordinal)"Shootout" = 133 (English Ordinal)

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