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Reality Check? Second Look at Uber Fatality Story

CNN has released a video of the person getting hit by a self-driving Uber car in Tempe, Arizona from earlier this week.

CNN Video

It’s curious – the woman who gets hit doesn’t appear to have checked for traffic. There’s no crosswalk there, it’s very dimly-lit…and why not just ride your bike across the street instead?

Anyway, I’m not really picking up on anything in this video that leads me to believe it’s fake. Of course, I could be wrong. The reaction of the driver seems to be what one might expect in that situation.

It’s hard to tell how good of a chance the driver would have of had of dodging the pedestrian even if she (he?) been paying attention. Maybe the syncs that Hubbard had in relation to this story point to it being 100% real.

Of course, you just don’t know what’s real and what’s fake these days – and that’s part of the psychological operation being waged on the people. And after all, we are living in the Matrix, so maybe sometimes I’m simply decoding true reality.

Interesting license plate:

(This is 34 in many ciphers since only the first 3 letters are in this string)

Murder = 34 Reduction

The 34th prime number is 139

"CBC9557" = 139 (Satanic)

"Freemasonry" = 139 (English Ordinal)

“Coincidence”? We might never know…

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