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WWE Ring Collapses – A 9/11 Tribute

The nation’s worst terror attack in history occurred on the date written 9/11
is the 156th prime number

The WWE logo, when turned sideways, looks a lot like a 33

"Thirty-three" = 156 (English Ordinal)

"WWE" = 156 (Satanic)

"World Wrestling Entertainment" = 156 (Reverse Full Reduction)

On three different occasions in a WWE match, 500-pound wrestler Big Show was superplexed from the top rope, causing the ring to collapse.

Brock Lesnar – June 12th, 2003
Mark Henry – October 23rd, 2011
Braun Strowman – April 17th, 2017

Measuring from the date of the first ring collapse to the third:722 weeks

On September 11th, the first tower fell at 9:59 am

Building 7, which wasn’t even hit by an airplane, collapsed at 5:21 pm (Rounding to the nearest minute)

From 9:59 to 5:21 is 7 hours, 22 minutes.

"Big Show" = 1066 (Jewish)

"Twin Towers" = 166 (English Ordinal)

The World Trade Center opened on April 4th, written universally as 4/4

Measuring from his birthday to the date of the first collapse:4 months, 4 days

From the date the World Trade Center opened to the date of the third ring collapse from a superplex:44 Years

"Superplex" = 44 (Reverse Full Reduction)

The proposal for the complex was originally accepted by the New York Port Authority on March 11th, 1961, written 3/11

Brock Lesnar, who delivered the superplex, was exactly 311 months old:

Lesnar’s nickname is “The Beast”"The Beast" = 311 (Jewish)

He was born in the year ’77"World Trade Center" = 77 (Full Reduction)

The date of the first collapse had identical numerology to 9/11/2001

Measuring between these dates:21 months, 1 day

"World Trade Center" = 211 (ALW Kabbalah)

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 211 (English Ordinal)

"Killing" = 211 (Primes)

“Ring collapse” = 131 / 59 / 193 / 67
These are the 32nd, 17th, 44th, and 19th prime numbers.
32+17+44+19 = 112

On September 11th, three buildings fell – WTC 1, 2,7"Superplex" = 1270 (English Extended)

The second ring collapse occurred at a pay-per-view called WWE Vengeance"WWE Vengeance" = 127 (English Ordinal)

Interesting that the first collapse occurred on 6/12 in light of everything that’s unraveled with 612 in the time since. See my post on that if you haven’t already.

Mark Henry was the man who delivered the second superplex. His birthday is 6/12. At the time of this event, he was 40 years, 4 months old40 years, 4 months

The event was on a date with 44 numerology:(10) + (23) + (11) = 44

In the Kabbalah, his full name sums to 193, the 44th prime number"Mark Jerrold Henry" = 193 (ALW Kabbalah)

The Big Show was 257 days after his 39th birthday:

The 39th prime number is 167"Vengeance" = 167 (Reverse Ordinal)

257 is the 55th prime number"WWE Vengeance" = 55 (Full Reduction)

This event also fell month, 13 days after the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

"Mark Henry" = 113 (English Ordinal)"Mark Henry" = 113 (ALW Kabbalah)

The third and final collapse occurred on an episode of RAW that aired on April 17th, 2017.

This time, it was Braun Strowman delivering the superplex. His age on the date of the collapse:33 Years, 223 Days

“Strowman” = 33 (Full Reduction)

But his age in days is more interesting…recall, it was buildings 1, 2, and 7 that collapsed that day.12,277 days

The date is written internationally as 17/4"Braun Strowman" = 174 (Jewish Ordinal)

"New World Order" = 174 (English Ordinal)

And at last…WTC construction began in the year ’68, the same year 9-1-1 became the nation’s emergency dialing code.

This final collapse fell 68 days after Big Show’s birthday:

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