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Maryland School Shooting – Wrestlemania 34 Tribute

CNN Article

It’s being reported that a school shooter in Maryland was stopped within seconds by the school’s lone resource officer after only two were shot. The shooter was named Austin Wyatt Rollins.

Set aside the fact that the other big news from yesterday was again from Austin, Texas. These three names all belong to famous WWE wrestlers:


(above) Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bray Wyatt, & Seth Rollins

Wrestlemania 34 is just around the corner. This shooting took place on a date with a life lesson number of 34(3) + (20) + 2+0+1+8 = 34

In the state of Maryland:"Maryland" = 34 (Full Reduction)

This shooting falls 34 days after the Stoneman Douglas Valentine’s Day Massacre in Parkland, Florida:34 days

It was also 3 months, 4 days before Freemasonry’s birthday:

The 34th prime number is 139"Freemasonry" = 139 (English Ordinal)

"Wrestlemania Thirty-four" = 132 (Reverse Full Reduction)"Great Mills High School" = 1320 (English Sumerian)

The date March 20th is written here in the States as 3/20. It occurred at Great Mills High School"Great Mills High School" = 320 (Reverse Ordinal)

This date had 32 numerology:(3) + (20) + 1+8 = 32

Also on this date, a bomb went off at a FedEx facility."Bomb" = 32 (English Ordinal)

"FedEx" = 320 (Jewish)

March 20th is the 79th day of the year in non-leap years:

The hero of the story is:"Deputy Blaine Gaskill" = 79 (Full Reduction)

79 is the 22nd prime number"Great Mills High School" = 220 (English Ordinal)


"School shooting" = 1333 (Reverse Extended)

13 and 33 are the primary hoax codes. Let’s see if we can find them easily in this story:

"Great Mills High School" = 103 (Full Reduction)

"Deputy Blaine Gaskill" = 1003 (Jewish)

1003 was the gematria of the Parkland shooter:"Nikolas Cruz" = 1003 (Jewish)A number also found in Sandy Hook:"Sandy Hook" = 1003 (English Extended)

They’re saying a “school resource officer” is responsible for putting a quick end to the shooting.

"School resource officer" = 130 (Single Reduction)

The 130th prime number is 733. The officer’s name was:

"Blaine Gaskill" = 733 (Trigonal)

"Blaine Gaskill" = 33 (Chaldean)"Blaine Gaskill" = 333 (Primes)

"School resource officer" = 113 (Reverse Full Reduction)

113, the mainstream’s number of deception

"Blaine Gaskill" = 113 (LCH Kabbalah)

“Blaine Gaskill” = 60 (Single Reduction)
“Police” = 60 (English Ordinal)

Austin Wyatt Rollins = 272/74/214/115

His name in the alphabetic order sums to 272, a number that “death” has double gematria of:"Death" = 272 (Trigonal) "Death" = 272 (Reverse Satanic)

Appropriately, his name also matches “active shooter”"Active shooter" = 74 (Reverse Full Reduction)

His name in the Reverse Order reminds us of the date of the Valentine’s Day massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School, which was 2/14. The original St. Valentine’s Day Massacre was in Chicago in 1929, the same year Great Mills HS was founded.

As for the 115 Reverse Reduction:Killing = 115 Reverse Killing = 115 Jewish

The Austin bombing was related to the Unabomber. See my video discussing that (near the end)

"Austin Wyatt Rollins" = 2630 (English Extended)

Kaczynski was arrested on April 3rd, the date leaving 272 days in the year

On top of that, Austin Rollins shares gematria with the Austin bomber, who died within a day of this school shooting."Austin Wyatt Rollins" = 2250 (Jewish)

"Mark Anthony Conditt" = 225 (English Ordinal)

The divisors of 225 sum to 403"Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 403 (Francis Bacon)

“Austin Wyatt Rollins” = 350 (Francis Bacon)"Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 350 (Reverse Ordinal)

“Austin Wyatt Rollins” = 541 (Franc Baconis)"ישראל (Israel)" = 541 (Hebrew Gematria)

The shooter was 17 years oldKill = 17 Reduction

The name of the officer who shot him was Gaskill.

"Blaine Gaskill" = 237 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Mason" = 237 (Satanic) "Freemason" = 2037 (Reverse Extended)

“Thirty-three” = 156 / 141 (English Ordinal / Reverse Ordinal)
“One hundred fifty-six” and “One hundred forty-one” = 226 (English Ordinal)"Blaine Gaskill" = 226 (Franc Baconis)

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