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Officer Killed in Clinton Now Named “Christopher”

So after widely reporting this man’s name as “Ryan Morton” in the news, they’ve now given us his full name of “Christopher Ryan Morton”.

It’s no secret the media loves to kill Christ in their bullshit news stories. They also like to hint you to the fact that they’re lying:"Christopher Ryan Morton" = 130 (Single Reduction)

"Christopher Ryan Morton" = 113 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Along with the death of Christ, they also like to code the numbers of Revelation"Revelation" = 121 (English Ordinal)Revelation = 1010 in Jewish gematria

"Christopher Ryan Morton" = 121 (Full Reduction)"Christopher Ryan Morton" = 1010 (Reverse Satanic)

This is one of many news stories ushering us towards a society once foreshadowed in a book called 1984"Christopher Ryan Morton" = 1984 (English Extended)

We’re really getting hammered with news of the deaths of police officers from being shot in 2018. Expect more suspicious news stories involving officers being shot and killed. I might need to create some new categories on the site…

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