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NextGen Calculator is LIVE!


You will need to clear your cache to see the update if it doesn’t load right away.

While it’s not completely finished, it’s good enough to be the main calculator. The Match function is much-improved, there’s a few extra options, but the key for me was to get that chart up there on the screen along with the breakdown chart. This should help newbies to gematria understand the practice a little better.

I’ll take a small break from adding anything to the calculator, but rest assured there will be more updates. Now that Zach’s book is done, it’s game on, time to get the word out in ways like never before.

The “Save” and “Load My Settings” features are a little buggy. I might have to take a new approach to how those work. It’s the best I could do for now…I wasn’t a web developer until I wanted to build the calculator, so you get what you pay for  =)

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