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Local News – Man Shot at 13th & Ring


The article linked below still shows the same update time as it did yesterday afternoon – 5:45 a.m. However, updates have certainly been made since then, as we were given a time of the shooting (8 p.m.) and the age of the victim (29)

Found this gem while surfing the local news:

Police: Man struck by gunfire during altercation in Milwaukee, suspect fled the scene

Of course, it’s just the police telling us about this, so anything goes.

The date of this shooting was February 26th, written here as 2/26

"Planet" = 226 (Jewish)"Rings" = 226 (Jewish)

This shooting was on 13th and Ring St.

When you flip 13 upside-down, it looks like El, the Hebrew god Saturn. And they’re telling us about a shooting on this block on this date? We might need proof of this one.

The victim suffered a “non-fatal” gunshot wound, and nobody has been arrested, so no names have been published. Nor did we even get a time of the shooting.

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