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Stoneman Douglas Shooting – 612 Days After 6/12 Pulse Shooting

That date is written 6/12 in the United States. The trending hashtag on Twitter after the shooting was #OrlandoStrong"#OrlandoStrong" = 612 (Jewish)

Measuring from this shooting to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, which occurred in the same state of Florida:

612 days

The school’s mascot name is the Eagles. The Eagles just won the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, MN.

Area code 612

The shooting was on Valentine’s Day"Valentine" = 612 (Sumerian)

But what makes this so wild is how this relates to the Sandy HookDunblane, and Columbine shootings, the three most infamous school shootings of all-time.

"Columbine High School" = 612 (Jewish)

"Dunblane Massacre" = 612 (Jewish)

Measuring from the date of that shooting to the one at Sandy Hook:6120 days

So who’s really responsible for these stories?

"Police" = 612 (Reverse Sumerian)


The next major school shooting (10 killed) occurred at Santa Fe High School on May 18th, 2018. Notice how the name of the school appears in all caps:

"SANTA FE HIGH SCHOOL" = 612 (Francis Bacon)

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