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WWE…Great Balls of Fire?!

In July 2017, WWE aired a pay-per-view event with the bizarre title of “Great Balls of Fire”. Around the time it aired, a fire was breaking out at London’s Camden Market. It led me to make this video.

At the time, I didn’t really think to measure it up to the two American eclipses, but now it makes sense to check.

"Great Balls of Fire" = 156 (English Ordinal)"ליקוי (Eclipse)" = 156 (Hebrew Gematria)

"Great Balls of Fire" = 2180 (Squares)"ירח (Moon)" = 218 (Hebrew Gematria)

Measuring from the date it aired to the first Great American total solar eclipse:

1 month, 12 days  44 days

"מעגל (Circle)" = 112 (Reverse Ordinal)Circle = 44 in Hebrew

Measuring to the second eclipse:

80 months, 30 days

Solar Eclipse = 83 in HebrewTotal Eclipse = 83 in Hebrew

2017 marked the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in the U.S. in 99 years. The second eclipse occurs on the 99th day of 2024.

"WWE Great Balls of Fire" = 99 (Single Reduction)

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