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“White Racism” Class @ FGCU

Video for this post

CNN Article on ‘White Racism’ class

The mainstream is kicking off 2018 with more talk of racial division.

Florida Gulf Coast Eagles = 218 Ordinal
University Mascot Name

Civil Rights Act = 218

They’re doing so by bringing attention to a “White Racism” class being taught at Florida Gulf Coast University. First, let’s quickly reflect on the Civil Rights Act, enacted in ‘64.

“Civil Rights” = 64 (Full Reduction)
The assistant professor of sociology at FGCU who is teaching the class is named “Ted Thornhill” = 64 (Full Reduction)
The reflection of 64 is 46. Check out this header in the article:

46 pages of emails

“Thornhill” = 46 (Reverse Full Reduction)
“Thornhill” = 64 (Reverse Single Reduction EP)

The Civil Rights Act passed on July 2nd, 1964

7+2+19+64 = 92

Civil Rights Act and Florida Gulf Coast have the same Reduction gematria

Their sports team name is the “Florida Gulf Coast Eagles” = 92 (Full Reduction)
“White Racism” = 70 (Reverse Full Reduction)

7+2+6+4 = 19

The university is nicknamed “FGCU” = 19 (Full Reduction)

7+2+1+9+6+4 = 29

1+10+18 = 29
Date of the news story

“Ted” = 29 (English Ordinal)

Another White Racism course
The other Header in the article

This header has 290 Ordinal gematria:

"Another White Racism course" = 119, 137, and 290

This other White Racism course from 1995 was taught by:

Noel Cazenave = 119 and 1370 in Jewish gematria

That course was started 31 years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
“University of Connecticut” = 310 (English Ordinal)  |  Their mascot is the “Huskies”

Huskies = 29 and 92 Reduction / Ordinal

Of course, there’s more:

Civil Rights Act = 1069 ExtendedFlorida Gulf Coast = 169 OrdinalWhite Racism = 169 Reverse

The university was founded 27 years after the Civil Rights Act. It turns 27 years old in 2018. “Racism” = 27 (Full Reduction).

The mainstream media: Needlessly stirring up racial controversy by the numbers. See my post on race-baiting propaganda from earlier this week.

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