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The Numerology of the Oklahoma City Bombing

First, let’s look at the gematria of Tim McVeigh’s full name. In Jewish Gematria:

“Timothy James McVeigh” = 232 (Jewish Ordinal)
“Timothy McVeigh” = 1459 (Jewish)  |  1459 is the 232nd prime number
“Satan” = 232 (Jewish)
“Satan” = 55 (English Ordinal)
“Tim McVeigh” = 55 (Full Reduction)
Measuring from the death of Alfred P. Murrah to the OKC bombing:

233 months, 20 days

See what happens when we convert this same duration to weeks:

“Alfred” = 116 (Reverse Ordinal)
“Alfred” = 116 (Jewish)
“Alfred Murrah” = 119 (Jewish Ordinal)

In my video on the 9/11 attacks, I talk about the significance of the number 1331. Measuring from Murrah’s death to the 9/11 attacks:

310 months, 13 days
Also a span of 9449 days

His nickname would be “Al” = 13 / 31 (English Ordinal / Extended)
As referenced in the link above, 1331 factors to 11 × 11 × 11.
Adding 11 + 11 + 11 = 33. That’s the highest degree of the
“Scottish Rite of Freemasonry” = 325 (English Ordinal)
“Eleven plus eleven plus eleven” = 325 (English Ordinal)

Measuring from the date of the bombing to the date McVeigh was executed:

320 weeks, 5 days



The numbers of Saturn guide us through this riddle. Timothy McVeigh was put to death a span of 93 days before the 9/11 attacks.
“Saturn” = 93 (English Ordinal)

In Trigonal Gematria, “Saturn” = 908. Measuring between Alfred P. Murrah’s date of death and Timothy McVeigh’s birthday:

Alfred P. Murrah barely lived beyond his 71st birthday.

"Saturn" in Hebrew gematria sums to 713
713 and 69 connect Saturn and eclipses in gematria. See more on the connection between Saturn and the Moon.
“Total eclipse” = 713 (English Extended)
Murrah even died 713 days before the total solar eclipse of 1977.

“Eclipse” = 69 (English Ordinal)
“Saturn” = 69 (Reverse Ordinal)
“Alfred P. Murrah” = 69 (Full Reduction)
The Oklahoma City Bombing was 690 days before the total solar eclipse of 1997.

“Alfred Paul Murrah” = 257 (Reverse Ordinal)
“Total solar eclipse” = 257 (Reverse Ordinal)

“Alfred P. Murrah” = 134 (Jewish Ordinal)
“Solar eclipse” = 134 (English Ordinal)

Numerology of Murrah’s date of death

See the section at the bottom for more on how Murrah’s birth and death lines up very well with total solar eclipses.



Timothy McVeigh’s full name sums to 225, a number you can also get to with his standard name in the Kabbalah. See why 225 is frequently attributed.
“Timothy James McVeigh” = 225 (English Ordinal)  |  “Timothy McVeigh” = 225 (ALW Kabbalah)
McVeigh’s and Murrah’s dates of death are separated by 225 days on the calendar.

To top it off, the Oklahoma City Bombing was attacked exactly 225 weeks before the Great European total solar eclipse of 1999.

As seen in the slide linked above, the only other number whose divisors sum to 403 is 144. “Time” = 144 (Jewish)
“Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building” = 144 (Full Reduction)
It was bombed 1044 days before the total solar eclipse of 1998.



“Tim McVeigh” = 109 (English Ordinal)

109 day of the year and the date had 109 numerology
Date of the Bombing

There are 19 years in Enneadecaeteris. The bombing came 19 years after Murrah’s death.

Life lesson # of Murrah’s date of death

“Bombing” = 62 (English Ordinal)

“Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building” = 1666 (Reverse Primes)
I only bring this cipher up here because it was bombed by:
“Timothy McVeigh” = 666 (Reverse Primes)

“Bombing” = 177 (Primes)
“Timothy McVeigh” = 177 (English Ordinal)
“Alfred Paul Murrah” = 177 (ALW Kabbalah)
“New World Order” = 177 (Reverse Ordinal)

“Bomb” = 14 (Full Reduction)
“Kill” = 14 (Jewish Reduced)

Alfred Murrah's date of death
“Al” = 14 (Reverse Full Reduction)

The 14th prime number is 43
“Alfred Paul Murrah” = 1443 (Trigonal)



Both McVeigh and Murrah were born on a date with 33 numerology.

Timothy McVeigh
Alfred P. Murrah

“Eclipse” = 33 (Full Reduction)
Timothy McVeigh was executed at age 33.

303rd day of the year
Alfred P. Murrah’s date of death

The 33rd prime number is 137

Date of the bombing

“Tim McVeigh” = 330 (Primes)
“Thirty-three” = 148 (Jewish Ordinal)

1408 weeks old
McVeigh’s age during the bombing

Both McVeigh and Murrah were born on a date with 51 numerology as well.

Alfred P Murrah’s date of birth
Timothy McVeigh’s date of birth

“Federal” = 51 (English Ordinal) | “Conspiracy” = 51 (Full Reduction)



The name “Murrah” lines up with “Murder” in all 5 main ciphers.

Murrah has the same gematria as Murder

“Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building” = 270 (English Ordinal)
“Ritual” = 27 (Full Reduction)  |  273 to the 3rd power.

To further show how this was an eclipse ritual, check out the date numerology of the attack:
47 and 38“Total eclipse” = 47 (Full Reduction)
“ליקוי החמה המלא (Total solar eclipse)” = 47 (Hebrew Reduction)
“ירח (Moon)” = 38 (Hebrew Ordinal)

Why would this eclipse ritual take place in Oklahoma City? Could it have something to do with the city’s gematria? Of course!

“Oklahoma City, Oklahoma” = 83 (Full Reduction)
“Oklahoma City, Oklahoma” = 209 (English Ordinal)
“ליקוי חמה” (Solar eclipse) = 83 (Hebrew Ordinal)
“ליקוי חמה” (Solar eclipse) = 209 (Hebrew Gematria)

This even explains the name of their only professional sports team, the Thunder:

“Oklahoma City Thunder” = 223 (English Ordinal)
223 months in a Saros cycle

“Oklahoma City Thunder” = 290 (Reverse Ordinal)
“ליקוי החמה המלא (Total solar eclipse)” = 290 (Hebrew Gematria)

Solar Eclipses

This gets redundant, so it gets its own section at the end. But for anyone as fascinated as I am with numerology, this is some of the most interesting stuff.

Measuring from Alfred P. Murrah’s birth to the two most recent total solar eclipses of 1903 and 1904:

“ליקוי החמה המלא (Total solar eclipse)” = 119 (Hebrew Ordinal)
“Total eclipse” = 137 (English Ordinal)

Only one interesting alignment after his birth:
“Eclipse” = 192 (Jewish)  |  The 192nd prime number is 1163

Murrah’s date of death is legendary in relation to solar eclipses. I already mentioned in the main part of this post that he died 713 days before an eclipse at the age of 71 years, 3 days. On top of that, let’s measure to his death from the total solar eclipse of 1972:

“Solar eclipse” = 127 (Jewish Ordinal)

“Oklahoma City bombing” = 822 (Jewish). Measuring to Alfred P. Murrah’s death from the total solar eclipse of 1973:

He died 71 weeks after the total solar eclipse of 1974. “Seventy-one” = 144 (English Ordinal).

Looking at the next total solar eclipse of 1976, we see the number of degrees in a circle:


I measured from the bombing to several eclipses in the main post, but there’s two more worth looking at. We saw how it was 690 days before a total eclipse, and “Eclipse” = 69 (English Ordinal). In the Jewish Order, “Eclipse” = 66. Measuring to the next and only total solar eclipse of that same year:

“Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing” = 332 (English Ordinal). Measuring back from the bombing to the total solar eclipse of 1992:

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