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The 2003 ‘Collar Bomb’ Case of Pizza Guy Brian Wells

20 years later: Erie ‘Pizza Bomber’ case

I recently came across this video on YouTube which told the story of what the FBI calls one of its most bizarre cases ever. I had completely forgotten about this, but I do recall watching this story unfold on TV when I was an 18-year-old and wondering what on Earth I was really witnessing.

This story is even stranger to me as an (actual) adult. This prompted me to glance at the numbers, and while I didn’t intend to do an entire post on this, I quickly realized I had to.

This post will discuss how the Killing of Brian Wells is a riddle connected to Yale in New Haven, CT.

Killing = 115 Reverse and Latin, 155 Standard

Brian Wells was born on 11/15

Brian Wells = 115, 155, 43, and 65, New Haven CT = 115, 155, and 43, Yale = 43 and 65, Pizza delivery = 65

Yale Skull and Bones

Pennsylvania and Skull and Bones both = 572

Wells was made to look like he was kidnapped after delivering pizzas to the communications tower for WSEE-TV, the CBS affiliate for the Erie, Pennsylvania area.

It was 18023 days after WSEE-TV’s first air date:

Yale University is home to the Skull and Bones society, which was founded in the year 1832 (no exact date is given):

The incident happened 2059 months after the start of 1832:

"Yale University" = 2059 (Latin)

It was during the New Moon for Brown Lunation # 998:

"Yale Skull and Bones" = 998 (Latin)

Yale University was founded on October 9th, the 282nd day of the year:Evans died 20082 days after One Life to Live debuted:

Skull and Bones is also known as The Brotherhood of Death.

"The Brotherhood of Death" = 2082 (Reverse Sumerian)

The mastermind behind his death was Marjorie Eleanor Diehl-Armstrong.

Marjorie was born a span of 2820 days (or 402 weeks, 6 days) before Brian Wells:

"Hurricane" = 426 (Latin)

Marjorie Eleanor Diehl Armstrong, Wells, and Erie all = 426

We’ll also explore how this story about a Pizza delivery driver is synced to the Pizzagate conspiracy of 2016.

"Pizzagate" = 426 (Satanic)

Brian Wells would have been a span of 21900 days old when Pizzagate began:

His first task on his fateful day had him rob a PNC Bank.

Wells was born 219 days after PNC Bank’s anniversary:

The Skull and Bones society produced a few U.S. presidents, two of whom being George H.W. Bush and his son George W. Bush. The younger Bush, who was born in New Haven, Connecticut, was in office when the World Trade Center was destroyed in 2001.

World Trade Center construction began on the 219th day of a leap year:

New Haven Connecticut, New Haven CT, and Brian all = 219

The Twin Towers opened exactly 219 Lunar orbits after Brian was born:

Scavenger hunt = 1219

2 19‘s make up the number 1919. The 219th year since Yale’s founding was 1919. See the last section of this post for more on that.

Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong

Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, who was the main actor charged with conspiring to Kill a man named Brian, was born on February 26th.

This means she was born exactly 44 weeks before the final day of the year:

"Kill" = 44 (Ordinal)

"Brian" = 44 (Ordinal)

Diehl-Armstrong turned 44 years old on the date of the World Trade Center bombing:

The World Trade Center first opened on April 4th, or 4/4:

In 2017, Marjorie died on the same date, April 4th, or 4/4:

It was 44 years after the World Trade Center opened:

Marjorie died in prison in 2017, not long after the Pizzagate story broke.

In Satanic gematria, Skull and Bones = 604 and Secret society = 640 Reverse

Diehl-Armstrong died 60 years, 4 months (or 724 months) after Brian Wells was born:

"The Brotherhood of Death" = 724 (Latin)

This contains the same three digits as 247.

Diehl-Armstrong was born 247 years after Yale’s founding:

She was born on the same date as the World Trade Center bombing.

World Trade Center bombing and World Trade Center both = 247

223 / 322

Diehl-Armstrong died a span of 22 years, 3 days after Pizzagate:

"Skull and Crossbones" = 223 (Ordinal)

The Skull and Crossbones emblem displays the number 322. Yale University turned 322 years old in 2023.

"Heist" = 322 (Standard)

Marjorie Eleanor Diehl-Armstrong has matching 322 gematria with The World Trade Center.

Marjorie Eleanor Diehl Armstrong and The World Trade Center both = 322

The Pizzagate conspiracy started 13 years, 2 months, 2 days after the Pizza guy was blown up:

Marjorie died a span of 13 years, 220 days after Wells:

"Ninety three" = 1322 (Standard)

The World Trade Center was bombed in the year ’93. The phrase Collar bomb sums to 93.

"Collar bomb" = 93 (Ordinal)

"Brian Wells" = 930 (Reverse Sumerian)

The Twin Towers opened 93 days after New Year’s Day:

The Collar bombing was a span of 10 years, 184 days after the World Trade Center bombing:

Skull Bones society = 1184 Latin and 226 Ordinal

The Pizzagate conspiracy was about Pedophilia.

"Pedophilia" = 226 (Latin)


The World Trade Center bombing happened on 2/26, which was also Diehl-Armstrong’s birthday:

/18 is the 322nd day of the year

This matches the gematria of the address Brian was sent to.

Eighty six thirty one = 226 and 1720, The World Trade Center bombing = 1720

The Collar bombing was 2 months, 26 days before the next Total Solar Eclipse:

That Eclipse belonged to Saros Series # 152.

Brian = 152 Standard and World Trade Center bombing = 1052 Satanic

"Pennsylvania" = 152 (Ordinal)

Erie, Pennsylvania was 152 years, 4 months, 14 days old:

Erie was incorporated on 4/14:

Nine Eleven (9/11) and W.H. Russell

The city of Erie, PA was incorporated 1,828 months before this bizarre crime:

The date was August 28th, or 8/28:

8/28 is also written as 28/8

Yale Skull and Bones society = 288 and William Huntington Russell = 2088

Bank = 28 and 80

The date had Primary numerology of 59 and 41:(8) + (28) + (20) + (03) = 59 and (8) + (28) + 2+0+0+3 = 41

Skull and Bones = 41 and 59, Skull & Bones = 59

Wells was killed a span of 717 days after September 11th:

7 × 17119

Pizzagate first came to light 1 month, 19 days after the date September 11th:

Yale University is located in the city of New Haven.

"New Haven" = 1019 (Standard)

Brian Wells was killed 10 months, 19 days after Yale’s anniversary:

Wells had been asked to deliver some pizzas to a Radio tower before being sent off to rob a PNC Bank.

Radio tower = 1019 and 128

"PNC Bank" = 128 (Reverse)

"Brotherhood" = 128 (Ordinal)

Huntington = 128

W.H. Russell, a founder of Yale’s Brotherhood, was born on the 12th of August, or 12/8:

12/8 is also written as 8/12

Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong died exactly 812 weeks after the 9/11 attacks:

The 223rd Prime number is 1409

The Collar bombing happened 1049 weeks before Yale’s 322nd anniversary:

Skull and Bones = 149 Ordinal, Yale Skull & Bones = Qaballa, Yale Skull and Crossbones secret society = 1409 Primes and William Huntington Russell = 1049 Primes

Wells died exactly 200 Lunar years (2400 Lunations) after W.H. Russell was born:

It happened on the 240th day of the year:

Russell would have turned 194 the same month Brian Douglas Wells was killed:

"Brian Douglas Wells" = 194 (Ordinal)

September eleventh, Two thousand one, and One hundred nineteen all = 194 Ordinal

"Scavenger hunt" = 194 (Reverse)

1331 Eclipse Code

Pizzagate conspiracy has matching 1919 gematria with Yale University.

"Pizzagate conspiracy" = 1919 (Latin)

"Yale University" = 1919 (Reverse Standard)

Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong was 19190 days old when the 9/11 attacks occurred:

Marjorie died 1900 months, 19 days after PNC Bank was founded:

In the year 1919, we had a Total Eclipse and an Annular Eclipse. Each one was the longest of its variety in multiple centuries. This is interesting because 1919 is the Latin gematria of 1331.

"One thousand three hundred thirty one" = 1919 (Latin)

1331 is the ultimate Eclipse number

Yale was established 13310 weeks before Brian Wells was born:

Brian and Marjorie died 13 years, 31 weeks apart:

Brian Wells was killed a span of 1331 days after the first New Moon of the Millennium:

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