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Basketball Legend Bill Walton Dies of Cancer @ 71

Bill Walton loved his bike and his hometown of San Diego. He died of cancer at age 71

This is my first of two posts on basketball Hall of Famer Bill Walton.

I blogged about Bill Walton at the end of October last year. See my post from right after the death of Matthew Perry, where I talked about his connections to Bill Walton through a strong Fountain riddle between sitcoms Friends and The Waltons.

"Matthew Perry" = 224 (Capitals Added)

Walton is probably the greatest college basketball player of all-time during his time at UCLA. He has now died at age 71 in 2024.

UCLA = 71 and 224

My next post talks a bit about the links between Bill Walton and Bill Russell, both of whom played for the Celtics, who advanced to the NBA Finals on the same date Walton passed.

Bill Russell was 224 months older than Bill Walton:

Bill & Ted

Before I get to the Fountain, there’s another important element to this riddle. What really brings this entire decode together is right there in the names. Walton’s given names were William and Theodore:

The common nicknames for William and Theodore are Bill and Ted. There happens to be a comedy franchise called Bill and Ted, whose main characters names are indeed William and Theodore, as they state during each movie: Bill & Ted is an American science fiction comedy franchise created by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon. It features William "Bill" S. Preston Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan, portrayed by Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves, respectively, two metalhead slacker friends who travel through time and beyond while trying to fulfill their destiny to establish a utopian society in the universe with their music.

In the first movie, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, the duo joins comedian George Carlin in a time-traveling adventure over several millennia. Just like Bill Walton, Carlin died at age 71.

George Carlin

This post will examine how this is a riddle connected to the orbital period of the Moon, which has a 57° range of declination:

George and Carlin both sum to 57:In Ordinal, George and Carlin both = 57

George Carlin and Moon both = 210

Walton died exactly 197 Lunar phases after Carlin:

Moon = 197 Satanic and Los Angeles California = 197 Ordinal

Carlin was 281 days after his birthday when Bill & Ted came out:

William Theodore Walton III = 281 and 128

Matthew Perry died on 28/10 or 10/28
The film hit theaters on 17/2

"Bill Walton" = 172 (Capitals Added) and "Matthew Perry" = 172 (Ordinal)

Bill Walton died 6 months, 22 days after his birthday:

George Carlin died on June 22nd, written 6/22 or 22/6:

"George Carlin" = 226 (Capitals Mixed)

"Sacrifice" = 226 (Standard)

Alex Winter

One of the two main characters of Bill & Ted is portrayed by actor Alex Winter. Unlike his co-star Keanu Reeves, who achieved success in Hollywood on a massive scale, Alex has only appeared sporadically in various films and shows throughout his career, and isn’t very recognizable outside of his character in the trilogy.

Carlin died 7 months, 17 days after Bill’s birthday:

7/17 is the birthday of Alex Winter, who is currently 58 years old:

"Alex Winter" = 58 (Reverse Reduction)

Excellent Adventure came out 215 days after the birthday of Alex Winter, who was 21500 days old when Bill Walton died:

But the syncs we see with the Moon are where it’s really at.

Alex Winter was exactly 728 Lunations old when Bill Walton died:

Ted Theodore Logan and William Theodore Walton III both = 728

The Moon

Bill Walton died in San Diego, California.

San Diego California = 90 and 108

108 is a number connected to the Geometry of a Full Moon:

Perry = 108

Alex Winter was born on a date with Primary numerology of 108, while Bill & Ted first came out on a date with Primary numerology of 108:(7) + (17) + (19) + (65) = 108

"Bill Walton" = 39 (Reduction)

Bill Walton died a span of exactly 3 years, 9 months after its release, and exactly 39 weeks after Aug. 28th:

"George" = 39 (Reduction)

Bill Russell was exactly 39 months older than George Carlin:

Thirty nine = 283 Caps and 1321 Standard

1321 is the 216th Prime number

The Moon sums to 283 and has an equatorial diameter of 2160 miles:"The Moon" = 283 (Latin) and is 2160 miles across

Alex Winter was exactly 283 months old and a span of 216 months after his birthday for its original release:

Los Angeles216. These are the same digits in the common and full names of Bill Walton.

"Bill Walton" = 1162 (Latin) and "William Theodore Walton III" = 1602 (Fibonacci)

Bill died 162 days before his birthday:

"San Diego California" = 162 (Ordinal)

Bill Walton lived to be 162 days older than George Carlin

"George Denis Patrick Carlin" = 126 (Reduction)

George = 342, Carlin = 42 and 342

Alex Winter was a span of 42 years, 342 days old when George Carlin died:

Ted Theodore Logan and Matthew Perry both = 342 Caps

Matthew Perry and The Fountain

Matthew Perry was born 6131 days after Bill Walton and Bill died 16131 days after his son Luke was born:

George and Carlin both = 131 Reverse Caps

"Alex Winter" = 131 (Ordinal)

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 131 (Reverse Reduction)

Alex Winter was born exactly 13 Lunar years, 1 month after Bill Walton, who died 60.666 Lunations later:

131 is the 32nd Prime number

"Walton" = 32 (Reverse Reduction)

Bill Walton played until ’88
He won 88 straight games with UCLA
Bill Russell died at age 88

"Alexander Winter" = 88 (Reverse Reduction)

Bill Walton was a span of 26,088 days old for the Eclipse:

88 is a number of Time Travel – consider how the DeLorean in Back to the Future has to get up to 88 miles per hour before it can go back in time. Excellent Adventure is a movie about Time Travel.

Bill Walton was born exactly 808 weeks after George Carlin:

Walton was exactly 688 Lunations old when Carlin died:

George Carlin was a span of 11788 days old when Matthew Langford Perry was born:

Bill Walton died a span of 213 days after Matthew Perry:

Area code 213 covers Los Angeles

"Los Angeles" = 213 (Reverse Caps Added)

One day after Bill’s death was exactly 213 Sidereal months after George Carlin died:

"Death" = 213 (Satanic)

Perry was born 32 years, 100 days after George Carlin and Luke Walton was born 321 days after his birthday:

"San Diego California" = 321 (Capitals Mixed)

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