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Chance Perdomo’s Motorcycle Crash / MotoGP Purchased by Liberty

'Gen V' actor Chance Perdomo dies at 27 Perdomo died following a motorcycle accident, his family said in a statement.

This is my first of two posts on this story that broke over the weekend.


On the night of March 29th / morning of March 30th, British-raised actor Chance Perdomo passed away in a Motorcycle crash. He had recently played a starring role in the Amazon Prime series Gen V.

Chance = 60 Latin and Caps Added, Chance Perdomo = 60 Reverse Reduction

"Gen V" = 60 (Reverse)

Earlier this morning, April 1st, Liberty Media announced its acquisition of MotoGP, which is the highest level of Grand Prix racing for Motorcycles:Formula One owner Liberty Media announces MotoGP takeover

"Liberty Media" = 60 (Reduction)

Liberty Media was founded by John Carl Malone and also owns Formula One. Carl is also the first middle name of Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, whose dream growing up was to race Motorcycles. Just like Perdomo, Hamilton is both British and half-black.

Today’s news was published 60 days after Hamilton announced his move to Ferrari:

Last year, in 2023, two famous people died in a Motorcycle crash on the same day – actor Treat Williams and Olympic ski jumper Patrick Gasienica.

Perdomo’s death fell 292 days after Williams and Gasienica died:

The official name for MotoGP is Grand Prix Motorcycle racing.

"Grand Prix Motorcycle racing" = 292 (Ordinal)

Chance Perdomo was born on October 19th, which is normally the 292nd day of the year. However, because he was born in a Leap year, which includes the date written 29/2, he was actually born on the 293rd day of the year:

While it’s being reported that Perdomo died on March 30th, official reports believe he may have crashed before midnight on March 29th, written 29/3 or 3/29.

"Perdomo" = 329 (Standard)

Chance Perdomo died at the age of 329 months:

Ritual human sacrifice = 211 and 329

Lewis has not won a Grand Prix for over two years, when he finished first at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and Saudi Arabia both = 211

My last post explained how the last death in Formula One happened after a crash at the Japanese Grand Prix, which is the race scheduled for this upcoming weekend.

The Japanese GP falls exactly 211 Lunar phases (or 890 weeks) after Hamilton’s first F1 entry:

"Kill" = 89 (Standard)

March 29th was the 89th day of this Leap year, which had Primary numerology of 76:(3) + (29) + (20) + (24) = 76

In Reverse, MotoGP = 76 and Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing = 383

The 76th Prime number is 383

John C. Malone will be exactly 83 years, 1 month old for the Japanese GP:

"Motorcycles" = 831 (Latin)

Eclipse Code

Malone was the founder of Liberty, which has Latin gematria of 616, a familiar number of Ritual sacrifice.

"Liberty" = 616 (Latin)

Perfect number and Ritual sacrifice both = 616 Latin

The third Perfect number is 496. The Total Eclipse on the day after the Japanese Grand Prix enters the United States in Texas:

"Texas" = 496 (Latin)

Bianchi’s crash at the ‘14 Japanese GP was 496 weeks before the ‘24 GP:

Chance’s accident occurred on March 30th, or 3/30.

"Sun" = 330 (Latin)

"The Sun" = 33 (Single Reduction)

"Eclipse" = 33 (Reduction)

The phrase Solar eclipse sums to 433 in Latin.

"Solar eclipse" = 433 (Latin)

Chance Perdomo was born 4303 days after Lewis Hamilton:

Perdomo would have turned 1,433 weeks old a day before the Japanese GP:

1433 is the 227th Prime number

"Motorcycle crash" = 227 (Reverse)

The Hebrew phrase for Total eclipse (Full eclipse) sums to 227 in Hebrew Gematria:

The United States of America = 227 Hebrew Ordinal

In April of 2022, Sky Sports uploaded this video where seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton rode a MotoGP bike, while nine-time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi drove an F1 car.

The Hamilton-Rossi video was uploaded 704 days before the merger:

Read on for the “Yale” riddle:

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