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Ewen MacIntosh of UK’s ‘The Office’ Dies @ 50

'The Office' actor Ewen MacIntosh dead at 50 Welsh actor Ewen MacIntosh was known for his role as Keith Bishop in UK's 'The Office'

This post will examine how the death of Ewen MacIntosh is connected to the release of Apple’s original Macintosh computer. As has become commonplace, we also see common elements of the Skull and Bones / Eclipse code, which is explained in detail in this video from October.

The Office actor died on the 50th day of the year:

He was 50 years old

"The Office" = 50 (Reduction)

Ewen died a span of 50 days before the 2024 Eclipse over America:

"America" = 50 (Ordinal)

"Apple" = 50 (Ordinal)

The 50th Prime number is 229

Apple Inc. was co-founded by Steve Jobs, who died of cancer in 2011.

Ewen died 229 days before the anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death:

Eclipse Code

This news is synced up to the Second Eclipse over the United States:

Second and Eclipse both = 192 Latin

"The Office" = 192 (Latin)

"Yale Skull and Bones" = 192 (Ordinal)

"Apple Inc" = 192 (Reverse Caps Added)

Jobs’ co-founder at Apple Inc. was Steve Wozniak.

MacIntosh died 192 days after Wozniak’s birthday:

The actor who played Bishop away on February 19th, written 19/2 or 2/19.

"Bishop" = 219 (Latin)

Steve Jobs was exactly 21 Lunar years, 9 months old when he co-founded Apple:

Jobs would turn 69 years old this week, which would also be his age for the Eclipse:

Bishop and Eclipse both = 69, 33, and 42

The Office ended exactly 33 Sidereal months after its debut and a span of 30 years, 3 days after Ewen was born:

Macintosh 128K

"Apple Inc" = 128 (Capitals Added)

The UK version of The Office aired for 128 weeks:

That first Apple computer was called the Macintosh 128k, which first went on sale on January 24th, 1984, a date with Primary numerology of 128:(1) + (24) + (19) + (84) = 128

"Ewen MacIntosh" = 1281 (Latin)

"Ewen MacIntosh" = 1281 (Latin)

Ewen Macintosh was a span of 10 years, 31 days old when the first Macintosh was released:

"Ewen MacIntosh" = 1031 (Standard)

Yale Skull and Bones

Apple shares 22 gematria with Total solar Eclipse.

"Apple" = 22 (Reverse Reduction)

"Total solar eclipse" = 202 (Ordinal)

This is also a number found in Skull and Bones and Ewen MacIntosh.

Skull and Bones = 59, 149, and 202

Ewen MacIntosh = 59, 149, and 202, Keith Bishop = 59 and MacIntosh = 202

"Hurricane" = 426 (Latin)

Ewen died 40 years, 26 days after the Macintosh 128K was released:

Jobs was 21 years, 37 days old when he formed Apple Inc:

2137 is the 322nd Prime number

Steve Jobs died 223 days after his birthday:

Jobs was born 1,3220 weeks after Yale was founded:

Steve Wozniak was born on the 223rd day of the year:

Yale University turned 322 years old in 2023:

Macintosh died exactly 19 weeks after Yale’s special anniversary:

Kill = 19 and 244 Hebrew. Nineteen = 244 Latin

The 19th Prime number is 67

"Ewen MacIntosh" = 67 (Reverse Reduction)

Total solar eclipse, Human sacrifice, and Blood sacrifice all = 67 Reduction

The 67th Prime number is 331

"MacIntosh" = 331 (Latin)

Steve and Steven Paul Jobs all = 64

"Steve Wozniak" = 64 (Reverse Reduction)

"Apple Computer" = 64 (Reverse Reduction)

32×2 = 64 and "Skull and Bones" = 604 (Satanic)

"Ewen MacIntosh" = 604 (Satanic)

The 64th Prime number is 311

Ewen departed a span of 311 days before his next birthday:

Steve Jobs’ birthday quadrennially fell on the date leaving 311 days in the year:

Brotherhood of Death

Skull and Bones is also called the Brotherhood of Death.

Death and Homicide both = 118 Latin

Macintosh died exactly 1180 weeks after the premiere of The Office:

"Office" = 118 (Reverse)

He was 118 weeks old when Apple Inc. was formed:

Death = 25 and 97, Brotherhood of Death and Skull and Crossbones both = 97

The 25th Prime number is 197

Steven Paul Jobs would have been 25,197 days old:

Steven Paul Jobs = 197 and Steve Jobs = 45

The Eclipse falls a span of 45 days after Steve’s birthday.

"Death" = 38 (Ordinal)

Steve died exactly 3834 Lunations after Yale’s establishment:

Murder = 38 and 34 in Reduction

The first Macintosh came out on January 24th, or 1/24.

Jobs died 12 years, 4 days before Yale turned 322:

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