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The Von Erich Family Curse

This is my second of two posts on this film. The first examines its release in connection to Fritz and Kerry Von Erich. The second one dives into some additional riddles with each of the Von Erich children.

Jack Jr.

Jack Adkisson’s firstborn son Jack Jr. was born on a date with Reduced numerology of 29:9 + 2+1 + 1+9+5+2 = 29

The young boy was electrocuted and fell into a melting puddle, where he would Drown.

"Drown" = 29 (Reduction)

Jack Adkisson Sr. was exactly 29 years, 29 weeks old when Jack Jr. died:

Jack and Adkisson both = 29

Patriarch Jack Sr. was born in the year ’29 on the 16th of August, or 16/8:

Jack Jr. died a span of 168 days after his birthday:

August 16th can also be written as 8/16, like the Sumerian value of March seventh, the date Jack Jr. passed.

"March seventh" = 816 (Sumerian)

David died exactly 168 Lunar phases before his father:

David Von Erich

The name Jack also has matching 25 gematria with Death.

Jack and Death both = 25

The third son of Fritz Von Erich, and second to pass away, was David Von Erich. David was born 25 days before Jack’s 29th birthday:

His birthday of July 22nd falls exactly 29 weeks after New Year’s Day.

David was exactly 25 years, 29 weeks old when he died:

It happened on a date with Reduced numerology of 25:2 + 1+0 + 1+9+8+4 = 25

David was the 2nd of the family to die, while Mike was Jack’s 5th son.

David was born 2050 days before his brother Mike:

Mike had Reduced birth numerology of 25:3 + 2 + 1+9+6+4 = 25

"Mike" = 25 (Reverse Reduction)

Mike was exactly 20 years, 50 weeks old when he got married:

Ritual human sacrifice has Reverse gematria of 131.

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 131 (Reverse Reduction)

David died a span of exactly 1301 weeks after Jack Jr.

1301 is the 212th Prime number

David Von Erich and Von Erich family both = 212 Caps Added

Jack Sr. died 212 days after the anniversary of David’s death:

Ritual sacrifice in English Qaballa and Cipher X

Fritz died exactly 13 years, 7 months after David:

137 is the 33rd Prime number

David was also 1333 weeks, 3 days old when he apparently overdosed.

Thirty three and Von Erich both = 895 Latin

Mike / Kevin Von Erich

Mike Adkisson was born 4180 days after Jack Jr.:

"Mike Adkisson" = 418 (Standard)

Twelfth of April has matching 1026 gematria with Kerry Von Erich.

Twelfth of April and Kerry Von Erich both = 1026 Sumerian

Mike died at the age of exactly 1206 weeks:

Chris Von Erich

The youngest of Fritz’s six sons was Chris Von Erich. With the name Christopher, one should reasonably expect some strong Jesus coding.

Chris Von Erich and Jesus Christ both = 151 and 74

Chris was born on 9/30

Gods son, Nazareth, and Crucifix all = 93 Ordinal, Christianity = 930 Sumerian

He died in 1991

"Jesus the Messiah" = 991 (Standard)

The second coming of Jesus is the theme of the book of Revelation. The number of the Beast is revealed in the 229th verse of that book, the 66th and final book of the Bible.

Chris Von Erich = 229 Caps Added and 606 Satanic

Revelation has remarkable overlap with his real name Christopher Barton Adkisson.

Revelation = 121, 149, and 59, Christopher Barton Adkisson = 121 and 149, Chris Adkisson = 149 and 59

Chris Von Erich died at 8017 days of age:

8017 is the 1010th Prime number

Revelation = 1010 Latin and 850 Standard

Chris’s death took place during Brown Lunation # 850:

"Chris Adkisson" = 85 (Reverse Reduction)

Christ = 85, 32, and 41

He died on a date with numerology of 32 and 41:9 + 1+2 + 1+9+9+1 = 32 and (9) + (12) + 1+9+9+1 = 41

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