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Death of Laura Lynch Synced with Former AG Loretta Lynch

This is my second of two posts on this story.

Yesterday, we learned about the death of Dixie Chicks member Laura Lynch: The Chicks mourn the passing of founding member Laura Lynch

Lynch was killed in a car wreck on the same day I made a YouTube video about the mock lynching of Big Boss Man at WWE’s WrestleMania XV. The Boss Man character was a corrections officer, and his death was a riddle for January 6th, where officers were deployed to help keep people out of (and let people into) the U.S. Capitol.

The name Laura Lynch is very similar to Loretta Lynch, a government official who served as the United States Attorney General under President Barack Obama.

In turn, the name Loretta Lynch is very similar to Loretta Lynn, who was another country singer who died last year.

Loretta Lynch was born exactly 1414 weeks after Loretta Lynn:

"Insurrection" = 1414 (Trigonal)

Laura Lynch died a span of 1 year, 80 days after Loretta Lynn:

"Attorney General" = 1080 (Sumerian)

Laura Lynch died 1080 days after the January 6th donnybrook:

In Ordinal, Attorney General = 180 and United States Attorney General = 337

The former U.S. Attorney General Lynch turned 3370 weeks old one day before Laura Lynch died:

This means she was 3370 weeks, 1 day old. These are the same four digits Ray Washington Traylor Jr. shares with World Trade Center, which in turn matches Loretta Elizabeth Lynch.

Ray Washington Traylor Jr = 3137, World Trade Center = 1337 and 1477, Loretta Elizabeth Lynch = 1477

Laura Lynch was born a span of 185 days before Loretta Lynch:

"World Trade Center" = 185 (Ordinal)

Loretta Lynn died when she was 1085 months of age:

The World Trade Center was also referred to as the Twin Towers. In my last post, I pointed out the connections between Laura Lynch and pro wrestling’s, who was the topic of my. He was a member of a tag team called the Twin Towers.

"Twin Towers" = 166 (Ordinal)

Big Boss Man was born a span of 166 days after Laura’s birthday:

The 166th Prime number is 983
Jesus is mentioned 983 times in the New Testament

Ray Washington Traylor = 983 Satanic, The Dixie Chicks = 983 Standard

Big Boss Man

Loretta Lynch and Ray Traylor both = 153, 54, and 63

The January 6th incident at the Capitol happened during Brown Lunation # 1212:

Ray Traylor died 12 years, 120 days before Lynch’s last day in office:

Ray Traylor = 1212 Latin and Ray Washington Traylor Jr = Reverse Sumerian

Both Loretta Lynch and Laura Lynch share those L.L. (or 12-12) initials.

Both Laura Lynch and Loretta Elizabeth Lynch have matching gematria with Terry Gene Bollea, the real name of Hulk Hogan.

Laura Lynch and Terry Bollea both = 1213, Loretta Elizabeth Lynch and Terry Gene Bollea both = 241

AG Lynch has intriguing numerology connecting to the Big Boss Man and his public lynching.

Loretta Lynch was 311 days after her birthday when Traylor was Lynched at WrestleMania:

"Ray Washington Traylor Jr" = 311 (Ordinal)

The Big Boss Man died 3 years, 11 days after the Twin Towers were destroyed:

Laura Lynch died 3 months, 11 days after the date September 11th:

The currently U.S. Attorney General. Merrick Garland, took office on March 11th, or 3/11.

Garland had been the Attorney General for 33 months, 11 days:

311 is the 64th Prime number

Ray Traylor Jr and The Twin Towers both = 64 Reduction

The Dixie Chicks member was killed in El Paso, Texas 64 years, 215 days after Loretta was born:

The Dixie Chicks and El Paso Texas both = 215 Caps Added

Loretta Lynch took office in 2015

She was 22511 days old for January 6th. Her birthday is the 21st of May, or 21/5:

Laura Lynch died a span of 22150 days after Boss Man was born:

Boss Man was 2001 weeks, 5 days old for the Collapse of the Twin Towers:

Boss Man, Collapse, and The Dixie Chicks all = 83

Loretta Lynch became the 83rd U.S. Attorney General just two weeks after Loretta Lynn turned 83:

Loretta Lynch was the 83rd Attorney General
Merrick Garland is the 86th Attorney General

"The Chicks" = 86 (Ordinal)

Loretta Lynn

On 9/11, Buildings 12, and 7 of the World Trade Center were destroyed.

"World Trade Center" = 1110 (Sumerian)

Loretta Lynn was exactly 1027 Lunar phases (or exactly 1110 Sidereal months) old when Loretta Lynch became Attorney General:

Loretta Lynn was exactly 1119 Lunations old when she died and was a span of 1100 months, 9 days old when Laura died:

911 is the 156th Prime number

Thirty three and Loretta Lynn both = 156, 141, and 60

Laura Lynch was exactly 3333 weeks old when Loretta Lynn passed away, and she would go on to die 444 days later:

The 444th Prime number is 3119

Boss Man was born a span of 31 years, 19 days after Loretta Lynn, and she died a span of 156 days after his birthday:

Loretta Lynn was a span of exactly 1620 weeks old when Boss Man was born, and he died a span of 162 days after her birthday:

Laura Lynch has passed away in 2023

Loretta Lynn died exactly 223 Lunations after Big Boss Man:

Loretta Lynn (born Loretta Webb) died a span of 174 days after her birthday:

"Loretta Webb" = 174 (Reverse)

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