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“Skull and Bones” Numerology for Ryan Minor

Ryan Minor, who replaced Cal Ripken to end record streak, dead at 49 Minor played in four MLB seasons

This is my second of three posts on this story.

Skull and Bones

The number 322 is pertinent to Eclipses because 223 Lunations separate each eclipse from the same Saros series. In ancient Hebrew gematria, The Moon sums to 223.

The Moon has a Hebrew value of 223 in Standard Gematria:

The Skull and Bones society is most likely a Masonic fraternity.

Masonic = 223, 263, and 115, Skull and Bones society = 115

All of these numbers are found in the gematria of the Iron Horse Lou Gehrig. Gehrig’s consecutive games record was broken by Cal Ripken. Today, we learned that the man who replaced Ripken in the lineup the next day passed away from cancer.

Iron Horse Lou Gehrig = 223, 263, and 115

Earlier in 2023, Skull and Bones turned 223 years old:

The 223rd Prime number is 1409

Ryan Dale Minor and Skull and Bones both = 149, 202, and 76

News of his passing broke a span of 76 days after that same date:

"Ryan Dale Minor" = 760 (Latin)

"Henry Louis Gehrig" = 760 (Satanic)

His last full day alive was exactly 76 months after the anniversary of the 2017 Total Eclipse:

The Baltimore Orioles were established in 1894

Ryan Dale Minor and Skull and Bones both = 894 Sumerian

Using Prime numbers, Ryan Minor has gematria of 373.

"Ryan Minor" = 373 (Reverse Primes)

373 is the 74th Prime number

In Ordinal, Streak sums to 74. This is a value shared by the Skull and Bones society, a Masonic fraternity.

"Streak" = 74 (Ordinal)

Skull and Bones society and Masonic both = 74

"Killing" = 74 (Ordinal)

Minor was born in ’74

Ryan’s death fell 74 days (or 2 months, 13 days) after Yale’s special anniversary:

Ripken’s consecutive games streak broke the record previously held by Lou Gehrig. Gehrig’s streak, which lasted 2130 games, began on the 213th day of the year:He was born 12,669 days after his streak ended:

Skull and Bones is also known as the Brotherhood of Death.

"Death" = 213 (Satanic)

Ryan Minor was born exactly 72 years, 4 months after MiLB was established:

Cal Ripken Jr. was born 7024 days after Lou Gehrig died:

Gehrig played in his final game on the date April 30th.

Today’s news was a span of 7 months, 24 days after April 30th:

724 is the Latin value The Brotherhood of Death shares with Number of the Beast.

The Brotherhood of Death and Number of the Beast both = 724 Latin

Six six six (666)

Skull and Bones Three hundred twenty two and Skull and Crossbones both = 444

MiLB was 35,444 days old when Minor replaced Ripken:

Cancer, Chemo, and Kill all = 44 Ordinal

Minor died of Cancer a span of 44,669 days after Minor League Baseball’s founding:

Most people think of 666 when the hear of the Number of the Beast. Ripken ended his streak in 1998, which is the third multiple of 666.

Ryan Minor died a span of 35,999 days after Gehrig’s streak began:

He was born 12,669 days after his streak ended:

“The Iron Horse” Lou Gehrig has matching 256 gematria with 666.

The Iron Horse Lou Gehrig and Six hundred sixty six both = 256

Minor’s death was also a span of 25 weeks, 6 days before Gehrig’s next birthday:

Calvin Edwin Ripken = 90 and 99, Ripken and Ryan both = 99

Ryan had Primary birth numerology of 99:(1) + (5) + (19) + (74) = 99

Six and Murder both = 399 Latin

Lou Gehrig was 13099 days old when his streak ended, and Ripken’s streak ended a span of exactly 3099 weeks later:

Gehrig was 8018 days old when his streak began, and Cal Ripken of the Baltimore Orioles started his 20,818 days later:

"Baltimore Orioles" = 188 (Ordinal)

"Streak" = 88 (Reverse)

"Beast" = 88 (Reverse)

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